Friday, 20 February 2015

Guest Blog - Wren Michaels

My guest today (bringing with her a cover I cannot stop staring at) is Wren Michaels, with her Naughty Fairytale, UNBEARABLE. I'm a sucker for both fairy tales and puns, so I know I'm going to enjoy this!

Thank you for having me on your blog today! This is my debut novella so I'm going though ALL THE FEELS right now. A friend of mine, Evie Knight, urged me to give Evernight Publishing's Naughty Fairytale line a try, and so the retelling of the lesser known fairytale Snow White and Rose Red was born. The first book in my SnowRose Series is Rose Red's story. Snow White's story will be releasing in March, entitled BAD APPLE. I appreciate the opportunity to share this with you and hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.


Rose Red will stop at nothing to protect her sister, Snow White, from suffering the same fate as their mother. She vows to kill Hestor, the evil dwarf sorcerer responsible for her death. But a twist of fate lands her on the bottom of a riverbed, and her life in the hands of a mysterious stranger.

Marcus is a beast of a man. He is a bear by day, man by night, thanks to a curse from the evil Hestor. But when he rescues Rose from an icy grave, he unleashes the real animal. Falling for her is dangerous enough, as he must protect the secret of his curse. But she may just be the key to getting his kingdom back as she breaks one spell and puts him under another.

Read on for an excerpt.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Guest Blog - Scarlet Chastain

I'm delighted to welcome Scarlet Chastain to the blog today to talk about her new release, I KISSED A GIRL IN VEGAS. I've loved Scarlet's previous Romance on the Go stories and this one looks like it'll be just as much fun! So without further ago, here's Scarlet...

I kissed a girl and I think liked it. I’m not alone, check out my Top Five famous girl-on-girl kisses:

5. Was it a dream? Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis share a steamy kiss in Black Swan.

4. Leave it to Carrie to test her bi-curiousness when Sarah Jessica Parker smooched Alanis Morissette in an episode of Sex and the City.

3. Madonna knows how to put on a show. She lip-locked Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera onstage at the VMAs.

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair enjoy a hot first kiss (and an even hotter second one) in Cruel Intentions.

1. My favorite girl on girl kiss? That’s easy. Denise Richards and Neve Campbell’s swimming pool kiss absolutely sizzled in Wild Things.

For more girl-on-girl kisses, and even girl-on-girl-on-guy kissing, check out I Kissed a Girl in Vegas!

I Kissed a Girl in Vegas (I Kissed a Girl, 1) by Scarlet Chastain

Tessa Walker’s business trip takes her to one of the poshest hotels on the Vegas Strip. Nursing a break-up, she can use of weekend of fun and sun. Little does she know, her pool cabana mate is none other than famous chef and restaurateur, Gianna Lucini, who introduces her to the world of great food and forbidden passion.

Life as a jet-set chef isn’t all it’s cracked up to be for Gianna. Like her restaurants, she insists on control in the bedroom and her tastes run anything but plain vanilla. She’s ready to give up on love until Tessa serves up an offer Gianna can't turn down.

Read on for an excerpt.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Snippet Day!

Oops, I forgot to post a snippet last week! In truth, I didn't get an awful lot written last week because of the old chronic pain issue, so never mind. Back to work this week!

It was raining by the time they reached the cemetery, the kind of thin, light drizzle that almost made you want a real storm. Almost. Lola still couldn't stop thinking about open graves turned into squelching swamps.

“So are you going to tell us why we're here now?” Scherer asked her as they got out of his car.

“I'd rather show you.” Lola wasn't sure she could handle his derision if she said the word “vampire.” Showing them the open graves would at least convince them this was no run-of-the-mill murder. If there even was such a thing.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Guest Blog - Michaela Rhua is back with more Moon Maidens!

Hot on the heels of the first book in her Moon Maidens series, MOON DANCE, Michaela Rhua is back with book two - MOONBOUND. And another gorgeous cover! I'm going to let Michaela take you straight back into the Moon Maidens world...

I love a girl who can kick ass and stand up for herself. It has probably got to do something to do with trying hard to make my own decisions and step out from everyone's expectations.

A sassy heroine who is independent, courageous and sexy grabs my attention every time. Misty is no different – she is the one who rushes to the rescue, not once but twice. But then when you're a shifter who catches an unusual scent in the air a moonlit night, you have to go and find out where it leads. In Misty's case it leads to Sofya and the chemistry between these two lead them to seek each other out for some night-time action of the intimate kind!

Oh dear me…things don't go well after that!

Under the glare of the full moon, friends and foes alike meet their destiny…

Wolf shifter Misty never thought she would rescue a damsel in distress, but when she stumbles across a bloodied girl on her run, she has to act fast. An action she ought to regret when that girl turns out to be Were shifter, and thus an enemy of her pack.

Feelings cannot be denied, however, and when she meets Sofya again, the girls give into their attraction for each other.

The path to true love is never smooth and tensions rise further when Sofya's father is implicated in a shifter death.

Will this news tear the two lovers apart, and turn them into foes or can the moon bind them together to work out the truth?

Read on for an excerpt!

Monday, 2 February 2015

"Not that the story need be long, but it will take a long while to make it short."

Henry David Thoreau

Well, it's February 2nd and Blood Witch is not finished. I guess I was probably over-ambitious deciding I'd be done with the first draft by he end of January. For one thing, it's likely to be a lot longer than I originally thought (at one point I was pretty sure it would be around the 15k mark). For another, I'm once again struggling with pains in both arms. Actually, I think a better way to put it would be "I'm struggling with particularly bad pains in both arms," since these days there's always a degree of pain in one or the other. But at the moment I'm in a place where I can't really carry a bowl of soup safely. Obviously this doesn't translate well to writing. So I'm limiting my writing time, taking regular breaks, and trying to remember that I'm not on any deadlines and nobody is expecting anything from me at the moment.

The plus side is that I'm really enjoying Blood Witch, so the writing I am getting done feels satisfying. I have today and Tuesday off from the day job, so whilst part of me is hoping to get loads done, another part of me is glad I have the option of not being at a computer at all if I don't want to be.

One thing I do want to do while I'm off is something you Ethan Banning fans may appreciate - I found the manuscript for another Ethan short that I self-published a while back. I pulled it when I pulled all my other self-published stuff, and I was going to leave it pulled because I remembered it being pretty lame. But I read it through and found myself laughing hysterically, so I figured I should probably put it back out there and see if you guys think it's as funny as me. So I'll start polishing and revamping that to fit the look of the other Ethan shorts either today or tomorrow. Probably tomorrow, because today is mostly going to be dedicated to preparing for Common Brimstone's second birthday.

(Actually, this is a lie. Most of today is going to be dedicated to sitting around in my pyjamas watching Ancient Aliens because I'm 31 years old and I don't have to explain myself to you).

I actually cannot believe how many seasons there are of this show.