Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wednesday Snippet!

Confession: I'm slacking on In Cold Blood at the moment, because a rabid plot bunny sank its nasty big pointy teeth into me last week and I've been working away on an Amber Morgan story since. I know! But it is what it is. It's just, you know, the heart wants what it wants.

That said, I am still working on In Cold Blood and I have no intentions of getting too distracted by my alter ego. I may have christened 2016 the Year of the Phoenix, but writing wise it's the Year of the Werewolf.

So it's time for a snippet! Enjoy.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Wednesday Snippet - In Cold Blood

So after a few days of vacillation, I decided the next project should be my Urban Wolf spin-off, In Cold Blood. I'm really loving Crow Called, but I'm wary of starting too many new projects and not getting round to my ongoing series in a timely fashion (those being primarily Urban Wolf and Blood Canticles). Although I'm working on breaking away from "must do" lists when it comes to my writing, I still need some semblance of focus, and my focus for 2016 is getting Blood Canticles 3 and more Urban Wolf books out into the world.

So without further ado, here's a little look at In Cold Blood. And there will be many more!

Saturday, 16 April 2016

“Those are the voices of my brothers, darling; I love the company of wolves.”

Angela Carter

So I've been saying for a while now I want to write the next Urban Wolf novel this year, Black Dog. And if you check the nifty word count metre in the sidebar, you'll see I have indeed started. Admittedly, I started a couple of years ago and subsequently stopped, but that's beside the point. The novel has a beginning.

And there's also an Urban Wolf spin-off with a beginning. Again, started a couple of years ago and then stopped. That was a thing I did for a while. I think I've mentioned the spin-off previously too (In Cold Blood). Well, now I've finished and submitted my latest Amber Morgan project, I'm ready to dig back into my werewolf girls' world. My only problem is, I don't know which one to work on first.

I don't think it especially matters which one I go with, in terms of the timeline of the Urban Wolf world (ie, you'd be able to read either first without getting spoiled for the other - different characters, different part of the world). But there are developments for Ayla in Black Dog that are explained by the main plot of In Cold Blood, and it's a question of "do I want the readers to encounter This Thing first in the spin-off or Black Dog? Do I want readers to discover This Thing right alongside Ayla, or do I want them to be ahead of her?

I'm leaning towards working on In Cold Blood first, because I think it will be a novella rather than a novel, and it kind of follows on neatly from BLOOD HUNT in a way. I need to re-read both WIPs before making a firm decision, but either way, I'm back in the Urban Wolf world right now. And that's one of my favourite places to be.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Guest Blog - Let's take a look at Parker's Profile

What does Friday mean? Guest blogs! And also the weekend! But guest blogs first. And this week, it's the lovely LD Blakeley with her new release, PARKER'S PROFILE. Take it away, LD!

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today to talk about Parker’s Profile! I can't wait for everyone to meet Parker and Lane as I’ve become quite fond of them since the day they sprang to life.

The boys first appeared to me last December when a certain viral video was making the rounds. You know the one I’m talking about. The one where the impossibly beautiful Brock O’Hurn teaches the ridiculously adorable Zach Kornfeld how to be sexy? Yep, that video. And because it’s the way my brain works, my first thought was, “oh, what if it were two slightly different men in that situation?” And thus sprang forth my story idea.

And, while I did envision Zach and Brock initially, it didn’t take long before Parker and Lane were two fully-formed characters with their own ideas about how their story needed to be told. So I listened. And I hope you enjoy.

Parker's Profile by L.D. Blakeley - NOW AVAILABLE!

Parker’s Profile by L.D. Blakeley
Available: April 4, 2016
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-77233-795-2

Parker Knowles needs a date. No, really. If he can't find one by Valentine's Day, he's agreed to let his sister fix him up. And quite frankly, he'd rather chew off his own arm than go out with someone of his sister's choosing.

Internet phenom, Lane Steadman, has offered to show Parker the art of the perfect selfie. After all, an outstanding dating profile is useless without a topnotch photo, right?

Can love really be found on the Internet? Or is a real-world connection closer to Parker than he thinks?


“What we need to do is get you wet.”

“Pardon?” Parker squawked.

“Yeah. Aside from that video Seth posted, my most popular pics are the ones at the beach or in a pool,” Lane explained.

There’s a shocker, Parker thought.

“I smelled chlorine in the lobby. I’m assuming there’s a pool in your building?” the other man continued.

“Yeah, there is, but…”

“Perfect.” Lane hopped up and slid his phone into his back pocket, giving Parker both the means and opportunity to ogle. And ogle, he did.

Until he realized Lane meant to take pictures of him in a bathing suit, and all ogling ground to a screeching halt. Oh, hell no

“I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea,” was what he actually said.

“What’s not a good idea?” With perfect timing, Seth strolled into the living room and handed them both a beer.

“Me posing in a pool.” Parker searched for a reason that wasn’t I don’t want to pop a boner near Lane that I can’t hide in a bathing suit.

“Maybe being in the pool will relax you,” Lane added. “Because I don’t think the beer is doing the trick.”

Parker knew the gorgeous man was trying to be helpful. Reluctantly, he nodded.

“Fine. Can I grab my trunks first?”

“Unless you’d prefer to be naked.” Lane winked and Parker felt his kneecaps liquefy.

He knew Lane hadn’t intended to come across as flirtatious. Unfortunately, his brain was having a tough time comprehending that. Pull yourself together, you drooling idiot. This guy is doing you a favor. The least you can do is behave like a sane, rational adult.

Too bad his id was projecting horny, teenage boy.

Pushing aside his inappropriate and misplaced lust, Parker headed into his bedroom and quickly changed his clothes, swapping out boxer briefs for swim trunks. He could do this.

As he headed back into the living room, he grabbed the security swipe card off the key rack by the door. “Okay, let’s get it over with.”

Lane and Seth followed behind Parker and kept up a constant chatter as the three of them rode the elevator to the lobby. Parker waved a quick hello to a neighbor as they exited and made their way toward the pool. When he heard voices coming from the direction of their final destination, however, he started to have second (and possibly third and fourth) thoughts.

“There’s people in there.” He faltered outside the glass doors that led to the pool. “Maybe this isn’t such a good—”

“Nope.” Seth grabbed the swipe card from Parker. “You’re not bailing on this.”

“M’not bailing. Just … can we do it when there’s nobody around?” He was prepared to start begging when the two older gentlemen who had been swimming laps, climbed out of the pool and started gathering up their belongings.

Seth had already unlocked the door and was holding it open for Parker and Lane to join him on the deck of the now-empty pool. “C’mon, stud. Let’s take some pictures.”

“Oh God.” Parker cringed at Seth’s choice of words. As they made their way around the perimeter of the pool, he looked to Lane, who had his phone out and looked keen to get started.

“Should I just…”

“Strip, baby.” Lane’s eyes crinkled in mirth as his mouth curved into a wicked grin.

“I hate you both,” Parker muttered as he fumbled with the buttons on his shirt.

Parker's Profile


Amazon | ARe | Barnes & Noble | BookStrand | Evernight Publishing | iTunes | Kobo


L.D. Blakeley is a pragmatist with a romantic soul & a dirty mind who’s a fan of horror movies, hot sex, and happily ever afters. Easily distracted by shiny things, L.D. is a slightly neurotic, highly ambitious dreamer who enjoys dabbling in photography & pretending she can carry a tune.

In another life, L.D. was a newspaper reporter, an entertainment & music writer, travel writer, website content editor, and a marketing shill. Now she prefers to spend her time writing hot, steamy fiction (with a healthy dose of romance) about intriguing, sexy men.

Although she dreams of living some place isolated with an endless supply of wine and an infinite number of titles on her eReader, she currently lives in downtown Toronto with her husband and their rock star cat.

Find L.D. online:
Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Parker's Profile by L.D. Blakeley - NOW AVAILABLE!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Guest Blog - Gale Stanley and her Stableboy!

Happy Friday! People keep telling me I look happy this morning, which makes me wonder how I normally look in the mornings...Maybe the reason was I knew I was welcoming Gale Stanley to the blog today?

The Stableboy
Scenes From The Underground 3

Evernight Publishing
CoverArt - Jay Aheer
Genre - MM Romance

Perry thought he hit rock bottom when he went from reality TV star to prison inmate. Then the warden gave him a choice—stay in prison or be part of a new rehabilitation program. It was an easy choice, but nothing comes easy, and Perry soon learns the truth.

Instead of enforcing the law, Police Chief Arthur Wright and a group of dirty cops set up a stable of porn stars, and they’re staffing it with talent handpicked from the prison. Perry does what he has to, in order to survive, but when he mouths off to the sadistic cop who’s training him, he discovers there are worse things than making dirty movies.


Meathead put his hand over mine to steady it and gave me a refill. “You’re supposed to sip it.”

“Right.” I took a little sip and narrowed my eyes at him. “I thought you were a health freak.”

He grinned at me. “I’ll cop to the freak part.” 

I grinned back. Chalk one up for the cop. He actually made me smile.
“Get in the tub.”

“Yes, master.” Holding my wine carefully, I climbed into the tub and slid under the hot water. I couldn’t remember the last time I had a bath. It felt like the height of luxury. I didn’t know how to deal with it, so I resorted to sarcasm. “If you’re trying to seduce me, you should have lit candles. Maybe some music—”

“Cut out the bullshit.”

“Yes, sir.” I did my little mouth zip pantomime.

Meathead started to take his clothes off. 

Hah! Liar, liar, pants on fire. You do want to fuck me.

Suddenly, my nerves kicked in. I had a busy day. What if I couldn’t perform? I was already on Wright’s shit list. I didn’t need another bad report card. My fear lessened as Meathead revealed more of his body. He was incredibly hot. Almost too handsome, he took my breath away. I wanted to lick the sexy smattering of dark hair between his chiseled pecs. When he pulled his boxers down, a fat cut cock sprung out from his neatly trimmed bush. I tried not to stare. He didn’t need the ego trip. Still, nothing beat the sight of a long, stiff cock. Knowing it was hard for me made it even better. He might not respect me but he couldn’t deny he wanted me.

Books Available At:
Author Bio and Links
Gale Stanley grew up in Philadelphia PA. She was the kid who always had her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hands on a pad and pencil.
Some things never change.

Monday, 4 April 2016

Sound the Trumpets!

So I said recently that I thought NIGHT AND CHAOS would be the easiest of my former-Damnation Books titles to re-home. Turns out I was right! I'm delighted to announce that I've signed a contract with Evernight Publishing for the first of The Deva Chronicles. Huzzahs! The projected release date is July, but that's always subject to change. I'm so, so happy to be able to give Ryan's story a second chance, and I feel like now I can plan the rest of the trilogy with confidence. Here's to the future!

And here's a look at the (unofficial) blurb:

Ryan's past isn't just haunting her. It's trying to kill her.

Ryan McCarthy fled Kimberlyn Island, her father, and her lover six years ago, desperate to build life away from the weird science and supernatural experiments of her childhood. But everything she hoped to escape comes back with a vengeance when she's kidnapped and tortured by a possessed madman out for revenge on the man responsible for his possession: Ryan's father.

Now, reunited with the lover she abandoned, Ryan is forced back into a world of danger and darkness she no longer understands, pursued by enemies with powers she can't fathom. But Ryan's not entirely powerless herself. She'll have to use every trick she knows – as well as the mystic gift she hates – to stay ahead of those enemies. And that will be easier said than done.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Guest Blog - Get Cuffered and Collared with Kastil Eavenshade!

Demons? Sign me up! Can't go wrong with demons. I'm delighted to welcome Kastil Eavenshade to the blog today with her new release, CUFFED AND COLLARED. Let's take a closer look...

It's been a wild wicked ride for me. When I first had the idea for Cuffed and Collared, it sat on the backburner for a bit. My mind swirls with ideas and hops around quite a bit. The spark happen when I saw a very inspiring photo on Facebook which I can't share because I don't own the pic. Needless to say, that's the first spark. The second spark happened because of Lila Shaw. I love her succubus books. Instead doing something with those little devils, I turned myself to the male side--incubus. This is the second one I've done, though the first one was m/f. I love the mythos behind it and honestly, you can take it to new heights. I love writing every spectrum of erotic romance and my last m/m had been released some time ago. This one took a dark turn yet still ended in a HFN. The journey to get there, however, is littered with suspense. Enjoy!

by Kastil Eavenshade
published 09 March 2015
by Evernight Publishing

A creature born in sin and debauchery, Markus Theo doesn’t care which orifice sates his incubus lust. After all, in the city's lower echelon no one pays attention to a petty thief sucking on souls so long as his victims remain breathing—until a sexy half-incubus cop cuffs him to table for more than questioning. A prison cell is the least of his worries when tempting Detective Leo Vincent collars him and ignites a hunger like no other. Something stirs beyond the carnal greed and one kiss brands his damned soul.

Lost in a world of submission and sin, Markus will do anything for his lover—even infiltrate the underbelly of an incubus crime operation. He never expects to confront a piece of his past that could destroy everything. Torn between losing Leo or his anonymity, Markus prepares to sacrifice his freedom for the one man he truly loves.

 Read on for a teaser!