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Guest Blog - Yolanda Sfetsos is gonna have you Shivering

I swear I'm not just having loads of guest blogs because I have nothing to talk about myself. That's really only like 50% the case. Anyway. I'm delighted to have Yolanda Sfetsos here today to talk about her newest Samhain release!

Hi there! I’d like to thank Naomi for having me over here today to help celebrate my latest release with Samhain Publishing. :)

My name is Yolanda, and I love to write. I write in a variety of genres, but it seems like every time I sit down to brainstorm and/or write a story, it becomes a series.

When I wrote Wither several years ago, I planned to tell the story of a wrangling space cowboy and the woman who slipped away. But as soon as I got started and created a galaxy with an array of dangerous planets and a malicious tyrant trying to own everyone, I knew there would be more stories to tell. That’s when I decided that the Recast world would become a category-length Sci-Fi series with Romantic Elements, and that each instalment would focus on a new couple’s adventure.

In the second book, Clash, I casually slipped in several references to a character called Knox. Eniell Knox is the hero in the latest book, Shiver. The poor guy has been imprisoned inside a filthy arena for years. He’s forced to fight to stay alive, and when he finally gets the chance to escape finds himself in a terrible predicament—of the bloodthirsty kind. But don’t worry, there’s an equally messed up heroine to help him struggle even more. ;) Lian isn’t a vamp, but she does come with her own lot of trouble in the icy world she lives in.

I really enjoy adding secondary characters that I know will become the heroes or heroines in later books. It’s fun! But as much as I love writing a series, I’m starting to wonder if I can still write stand-alone stories. LOL.

That’s why I’m going to challenge myself this year. I’m determined to write a stand-alone story or two during 2014.

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Wife. Mother. Writer. Bibliophile. Dreamer. Animal lover. Intrigued by the supernatural. Horror freak. Zombie enthusiast. Movie & music fan. Slave to her muse.

Yolanda lives in Sydney, Australia with her awesome husband, lovely daughter, and cheeky cat.



Blood made him a monster. Passion could be his salvation.
Recast, Book 3

After narrowly escaping brutal captivity in the Clash Arena and the bite of a bloodsucking creature, all Eniell Knox wants is to get off the crappy planet that ruined his life. When he steals an abandoned ship and is shot down over freezing northern Fray, he finds nothing but more trouble. An alluring young woman who stirs his hunger—and her shackle-happy mother—could push him over the edge.

Day after day, Lian Shan lives like a prisoner, fending off a parade of creepy potential husbands her mother tries to force upon her. She longs to experience life outside the confines of her ice castle and meet the man whose face haunts her dreams.

When a handsome, mysterious man crashes onto the estate her world breaks apart, spilling unfathomable secrets. Some of them her own.

Though Eniell and Lian’s mutual attraction explodes off any known star chart, there’s something her dreams left out—he’s been bitten by a monster. Which means if he turns into one, the first thing on his menu could be her neck… 

Warning: This book contains shared temptation hot enough to melt ice caps, a warrior with a blood craving, a rebellious heroine who isn’t afraid to share hers, and the galaxy’s most dysfunctional family.

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