Tuesday, 25 February 2014

“I thought a stick was a snake. Until it bit me, and then I knew.

Pictured: Remic cunningly disguised as a laptop.
So last night while Kyle was feeding Remic, Rem bit himself. I have no idea how this happened; I'd just gone up to bed. But apparently Rem misjudged the distance between the mouse and his own stupid body and...there we go. We can't move him now he's eaten in case he regurgitates it, so we've got to wait until at least Thursday before we can take a proper look and see how badly he hurt himself. I'm torn between finding this utterly ridiculous (only we could own a snake that would bite itself) and being extremely stressed that he's damaged himself really badly (I dreamed all night about snakes being cut in half).

That said, this is not entirely surprising, as Remic rarely gets the mouse first time and will try to eat everything else on offer before he gets to the mouse - hands, feeding tongs, and now himself. I did some research online to try to find some advice and the first thing I found confirmed everything I have always suspected about the beautiful idiot:

“Snakes aren’t very smart (and king snakes aren’t very smart even by snake standards).”

Apparently it really isn't uncommon for king snakes to get overexcited during feeding and I read numerous stories of people reporting their snakes accidentally biting themselves and trying to suffocate their own tails. Most advice tends to be along the lines of, "wipe off any blood and let them get on with life," so I guess we probably don't need to worry too much. I just keep thinking of all those muscles snakes have and how bad it would be if Remic had damaged something O_o That said, his striking-bite isn't very strong (according to Kyle; I've never been on the end of it myself), so fingers crossed he didn't actually penetrate his scales or anything.

I guess this just proves once again that Ket is the superior snake.

Until I remember that Ket once threw himself out his tank in his desperation to get a mouse I was offering him.

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