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Excerpt Blog Hop for Conquering Theana #IRMC #EvernightLines @SeurriCity

Today I'm happy to welcome both LeTeisha Newton and Lillian MacKenize Rhine to the blog. They're running a blog hop for their new release, CONQUERING THEANA, and I've got a hot and heavy teaser below - just click away!


Gregori was leaning against her driver side front panel when she walked up. It took every ounce of her mental strength needed to not rub her flesh against his. Theana stood in front of him, arms crossed over her breast, legs spread, waiting for an explanation. With his gray metallic tailored suit jacket unbuttoned at the waist, Theana thought his attire was a nice contrast to her vehicle. Stop it, she snarled in a whisper to her wolf. There will be no checking him out. He did look nice though. Gregori'sdowncast head rose at a pace that was seductively unnerving. His eyes were like dark smoke plumes inside of crystal balls. He gazed at her with relaxed lids, lust spilling out of his pores. Damn.
"Did you have a fun ride?" Gregori asked. Theana took notice of him inserting his hand inside of his pockets as if he was trying to restrain himself from his urges. Oh, what fun it would be to play in his pockets. Calm down. Gregori waited on Theana’sresponse, which she felt she shouldn’t have to give. Mate her ass. She wasn’t marked yet, so why answer to him? But he’s so dreamy. Hey. Her wolf was utterly out of control.
Theana wasn’t good at reading others. It was one of her few misfortunes, but the intensity of his glare went past wanting to strip her naked and have his way with her. He was pissed, hurt, and jealous all combined into one. In his mind, she was as good as claimed. Being around other males, wolf or not, was damn near unacceptable. A part of her wanted to hold on to him, lapping at his open wound rather than pour salt into it. However, only a small portion was game for that type of interaction.
"What do you want, Gregori?" Theana shifted her weight onto her right heel. Her thighs were aching for him.
"After my business was handled, I took in your scent." He nodded his head in the direction of the bar. "I could’ve met you there, but I decided to let you get the run out of you. I know this can be, well ... a little difficult for you to take in." Even leaning against the car, his presence was commanding.
She cocked her head to the side, trying not to show that her knees were physically shaking from resistance. She wanted him. All of him to touch every inch of her body. "Again, what do you want, Gregori? I have business of my own to take care of. So if this is not a pressing issue, could you please remove yourself from my car?"
He sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, chewing into it slightly, and then he released it while exposing his canines in the process. They gleamed in the glow of the bright moon, and Theana’s mouth watered. Can I lick them?
"Pressing issue huh?" His cocky grin was starting to affect her in ways she never thought was imaginable. Her wolf was turning flips right along with her stomach. Gregori spun her into a frenzy, and he was becoming hard to resist. Theana watched his hand slide out of his pocket. She was a goner. He reached for her. Oh shit! He grabbed at the fabric affixed to her cinched waist, pulling her towards his chest. Completely betraying her, Theana's feet flitted between Gregori's legs like she was running down a hill. Her neck relaxed as she showed her flesh to him. Her wolf was calling for his mark. Bite me. Theana ran her touch up his lapels. She had given in. Fallen to him. Gregori sniffed at her nape then nipped at her taut skin. She sucked in her bottom lip when she felt the touch of his smooth shaven skin rub into her cheek.
"Gregori?" Theana panted. She wanted to fight. She had so much to say, but she couldn’t find her words. His fingers pinched her dress up over her rounded ass. Yes. He fisted as much of her cocoa mounds as his hands could handle. He kneaded her flesh and growled into her neck, his cock firmly pressed into the apex of her pussy.
"You asked me what I wanted," he stammered with heated breath. Gregori began to nibble at her tender jaw, and she had no urge to answer him. Theana released a deep breath that served as her last bit of resistance to her mate. The audible sounds of zipper brads were heard, and then she felt the heat of his head. His cock was concrete hard and already leaking its contents out onto her thigh.
Gregori clenched at the flimsy fabric of her thong, ripping it from her wet flesh and tossing it into the night air.  He pulled her knee up flush to the car, cuffed her thick thigh, and spread her wide. Aiming to please, he rubbed the head of his cock against her clit. His pre-cum slicked her tender nub, and she was done for. The white flag had been raised, and Theana surrendered.
"It seems like you’re unable to speak. To answer your question, I don’t want anything in particular." He let go of Theana’s thigh, then spun her around so she faced the car and he stood behind her. Without any resistance, he pushed her over the hood like a rag doll, and she gave in. Theana was spread open for him. Gregori inserted his index finger into her wet tunnel before sucking her essence from his digit.
He then slowly inserted his cock into her tight pussy. Theana yelped at his hardness stretching her beyond the limit. God, Ulric men were huge. She felt like he was splitting her in the best way. He moved her hair from her back and dug his claws into her ass. Theana bit into her lip to stifle the yelp she wanted to release. He practically lifted her off of the pavement, going deeper with each deliberate push. The sound of her slick hands skirting across the black paint of her hood made his snarls increase in tone.
"Mmm," he grumbled. Gregori was doing her in. She was a beast in the bedroom, but this time she was bested. He was taking it, and she was giving in. What the fuck? How did I get in this position? Theana asked herself repeatedly. He threw your ass over the edge of this car is how you got into this position, her wolf snarled. What a bitch, she thought.
He continued to spear her with his dick, ramming her into the side of the car. The emergency brakes were barely enough to handle the force of him pummeling every inch of her pussy. Her pants were deep, and he was licking the back of her neck calling her name. Theana. Yowl, owl owww, her wolf sang. Gregori's pace quickened with his hand firm on her lower back holding her in place. She closed her eyes melting her walls onto his feverish flesh. Moans and growls mixed while her cream dripped down her clit. Her slippery thighs were giving him all the slickness he needed. They were two mating bodies. They were one with each other, fucking under the moonlight.
Theana could not believe that she had gone from having a pitiful rendition of an omega servicing her fruit, to submitting to her mate in the same night. Her howls started as his cock rose inside of her like a cannon. She wanted to hear him. She needed to witness his pleasure peak.
Gregori reached forward and cupped Theana's breast. She leaned back into him, their skin slapping into one another as his dick tunneled inside of her. He inched his hand up to her throat and held her firmly. A sign of dominance. His nips at the back of her shoulder were causing her to go limp. She was anticipating his bite. Her mate’s mark. Theana’s hands found their way to his hips, and he stiffened as she moved him back and forth like a piston in an Indy 500 race. To anchor her, Gregori wrapped his free hand around her waist and lapped at her shoulder. She could feel every muscle on his body tense, and he howled loud. Loud enough for all to hear for miles. His cum shot into her canal with the force almost taking her out. She felt every contraction of his dick inside of her and the ooze of his inner liquid drip down the tip of her clit. Warm sticky goodness.
Damn, is that what it’s like to fuck a true mate? Still growling, his hand trailed from her neck back to her ebony breasts. Theana's head slumped forward. She would’ve crumpled to the ground if he wasn’t holding her up. The flood of emotions was making her fatigued. What had he done to her? It was like he had a superpower to make her succumb to his every want.
After a few moments of small thrusts, Gregori lightly grazed his canines atop her flesh, while he lapped at her smooth cocoa skin. As he held her by her waist, she pushed her hands forward against the car bracing for the bite that was soon to come, but he instead released his drained dick from her filled chasm. Theana was still panting when her body collapsed onto the car. Gregori brushed her fluffed strands of hair to the side, and kissed at the section of her shoulder that she thought his marking would go. Nothing was there but invisible traces of his lips. Why?
He whispered in her hair, under soft growls that sent chills down her spine, "I didn’t want anything, Theana, because I have all I need right here." He palmed her ass one last time while he zipped his pants.
He kissed her cheek then said, "I have to go, Theana. Come back home to me." She listened to his shoes on the gravel as his walking trailed off in the distance. She slowly gained her composure and stood upright. She was sore, and her thighs were filling with the essence of him.
Theana chirped her alarm and opened her door. She was stunned. How could one night bring about so many changes in her life? Theana started her engine, and then she thought about him. Why didn't he mark me? I am his mate ... right? Without having any definitive answers to her questions, she turned her wheel west instead of east where her condo was located. She was heading home. Theana wondered how fucked up she was to allow herself to get in this type of predicament, like she was a lesser wolf. Fucking a beta was just wrong considering her status as a potential alpha bitch. Yet fucking a beta and the disappointment of him not marking her was downright shattering. What to do but head home?

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