Tuesday, 22 April 2014

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy."

Today is my birthday! Cue cake:


I've had an amazing long Easter weekend/birthday extravaganza courtesy of Kyle and some lovely friends. Kyle and I went out for Japanese food and cocktails on Friday night; we spent Saturday round a firepit toasting marshmallows and possibly drinking too much mango vodka on Saturday night. Sunday was a lovely, lazy day of cooking shows and pulled pork. Then yesterday we headed into Cambridge for a late lunch at a brilliant restaurant, and I received an early birthday present from Kyle (a Kindle! Yay!). As he's away for work today and tomorrow, it was fantastic to spent a long weekend with him doing things we love (ie, eating good food and watching TV shows about good food).

This evening I'm going to see my mum and grandparents, but before then there's loads going on that's nothing to do with my birthday but is awesome nonetheless.

First of all, Evernight Publishing is having a MASSIVE Earth Day Sale - 50% off all ebooks at their site.

That's pretty spectacular and naturally I'm going to recommend you go check out my books, but I also recommend you take a chance on some of the other talented authors over there - I personally love Ella Grey, Doris O'Connor, Scarlet Chastain and Kristi Jones.

Meanwhile, over at Common Brimstone Fragrances, I'm having a one day flash sale for Earth Day to raise money for International Wildlife Rescue. (I have to say, one of the things I value most about the income Common Brimstone brings in is that I can donate it to charity). I'm offering 15% of all 5ml and 10ml perfumes, so if you fancy treating yourself and doing something for Earth Day, go take a look at the shop!

So that's me! For the rest of today, I'm going to split my time between writing and playing Guild Wars 2 like a real adult.

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