Friday, 23 May 2014

PHANTOM FEARS - Coming really, really soon!

I just got the release date for PHANTOM FEARS confirmed - next Friday, 30th May! So I figured now was a good time to properly share the blurb for Shannon's solo outing.

As a private investigator with a werewolf girlfriend, Shannon Ryan is used to the unusual. But her latest case has even level-headed Shannon questioning reality. Joyce Bonner swears her daughter is being haunted by a poltergeist. Charlotte Bonner swears she's not. Shannon has one night to uncover the facts behind the supposed supernatural phenomena. Between an over-enthusiastic ghost-hunter and her own scepticism, can she get to the truth?

Ahhhhh! I'm exciiiiiited!!! This short story combines some of my favourite things - private investigators, ghost hunting, skepticism, and Shannon Ryan. I can't wait til next week when this story hits the wild (for free!) and you can all get a glimpse of life from Shannon's perspective. 

In the mean time, please enjoy this adorable elder god and have a happy Friday!

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