Tuesday, 23 September 2014

“Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.”

Dr Seuss

So I don't want my blog to get bogged down in how awful Damnation Books are, and I've been lazy lately and just posted loads of promo spots instead of actually...you know, blogging. Since I am actually doing more than just hanging out waiting for publishers to laugh at me on Twitter, this seems a good morning for a general update.

First off, I've released this year's Halloween limited edition perfumes over at Common Brimstone. This year's theme is the Vampire Hunter's Kit, and as with last year's limited editions, all the profits will be donated to the British Heart Foundation in memory of my dad. There's six scents to chose from, as well as a sample set and (if I do say so myself), they're all fabulous. My personal favourite is Vampire's Bride, though.

In writing news, Ragnarok Publications are sharing some of Ethan's best one-liners from UNDERTOW over on their Facebook page, If you want a glimpse inside the mind of a chain-smoking, hard-drinking, demon-possessed PI, this is your chance to get it!

In other writing news, I've been trying to get back into the swing of daily writing since the most recent flare-up of the Mysterious Arm Injury of Undiagnosible Origins seems to have died down again. I've got three projects on the go at various stages. The next Ethan novel, Descent is sitting nicely at about 56k, and is not the horrible pile of shit I thought it was a year or so ago. I'm hoping to have a first draft wrapped up before the end of the year. Nightmare Moon is next in the pile, with a new Urban Wolf spin-off, tentatively titled In Cold Blood following closely behind. For ages now I've wanted to write an Urban Wolf spin-off, so when the inspiration struck, I decided to set aside Nightmare Moon to get started on that. The problem I'm really having juggling these projects is lack of time, as Common Brimstone has been busy all year, and is getting busier as we move into Autumn. It's a good problem, but it is still a problem. But anyway. Writing is happening!

In adult news, Kyle and I are moving out of our crappy house into an adorable cottage!

It's perfect! It has a huge kitchen for perfume-making cooking, a spare bedroom so we can have people stay over without making them sleep on the sofa, and it's pet-friendly, which means the snakes and Fergus won't have to be hidden in cupboards at every housing inspection.

Just like Harry Potter.

We're moving on October 10th, if all goes to plan, so everything is kind of chaotic at the moment as we declutter the old house and figure out where Kyle is going to put Skynet in the new house. I might also destash some solid perfumes, so if people are interested, I can post a list here of what's going and you can claim your very own Common Brimstone prototype.

This is all pretty hardcore adulting for me, since it involves rearranging direct debits and sounding like I know what I'm doing, which is something I usually reserve for the day job, so I'm using my downtime to re-read the Dragonriders of Pern books in chronological order. This is an excellent use of my time, but it has reminded me that we were going to get leopard geckos and we still haven't done that, so...Possibly something else to get for the cottage.

How can we not?


  1. Aw, Fergus seems to be smiling in that photo - hopefully he'll love your new headquarters as much as you will :-)

    1. He will be happy as long as his feeding schedule doesn't change!