Monday, 14 November 2016

Monday Check-In: The Pale Queen edition

So the weekend was a big ball of housework and Sunday roasts with the family, and somewhere in the middle I added 1200 words or so to Through Fire, which was less than I hoped for but more than I thought I'd manage. So it's a win? I also received an exceptionally well-decorated cake from my two-year-old niece, which made up for the lack of hardcore writing:

Look at that! It was delicious. Today I finally figured out where to start Pale Queen (which you may or may not remember is going to be the companion novella to Through Fire, written from Dawn's POV), so I churned out 1300-odd words on that. I'm a bit wary of switching back and forth between the two too much, as that generally leads to me getting nothing done, but so help me, I do like starting new books. And I like what I got down today for Pale Queen, so look out for a snippet on Wednesday!

Where that leaves me for the week, I'm not sure. Lola's story is rolling along nicely and remains my main focus, but if Dawn's story is front and centre in my brain all week, I'll go with it. Either way, I'm aiming for 1k a day still, and hopefully more at the weekend. No cake or Sunday roast scheduled this weekend, sadly :( But on the plus side, that does mean a lot more writing time!

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