Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Lich Queen Cover Reveal!

So LICH QUEEN was in Evernight's newsletter this week, which means I can now officially share this gorgeous, perfect, perfectly gorgeous cover with you! I have been gazing adoringly at it since I saw the mock-up earlier in the week - now it's time for you guys to do the same.

*drum roll*

Look at my Dawn there, being a badass boss! I am in love and Jay Aheer is a genius.

We also have a release date! Wednesday 26th July will see Dawn's first solo story launched into the wild. Here's the blurb to get you all hyped:

Magic has ruined Detective Dawn Hardy's life.

Her partner is dead, her career is on the rocks, and Dawn fears she herself may no longer be human.

While she struggles with the aftermath of a vampire attack, dead bodies are going missing around Fort Rosser. A demonic plot is brewing, and Dawn and her friends may be the only ones who can stop it. If they can stop fighting each other. And if Dawn can conquer the growing darkness inside herself.

Vampires and demons were just the beginning.

Now! If you're worried that reading this will spoil anything that happens in Imperial Demons, fear not. The books take place concurrently, and you may remember that I originally thought Imperial Demons would be finished and published first, but because that turned into a monster book, obviously that didn't happen. But you can read LICH QUEEN without spoiling yourself for Lola and Tristesse's next adventure. My hope is that Imperial Demons will be out in the near future (assuming it gets accepted, of course!), and the way they're both written, it doesn't matter what order you read them in.

But if you want your fix of Dawn, Imani, Rowan and the rest of the gang (plus new friends!), then LICH QUEEN has what you need ;) I really cannot wait for you to be able to read it!

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