Monday, 17 August 2015

How To Be Ill

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So I've been off work since last Thursday afternoon with probable food poisoning. We can only hope this isn't related to me having to cook for myself. I've been feeling pretty sorry for myself, and to make matters worse, Netflix went down on me, leaving me without Ghost Hunters and Ancient Aliens for three whole days.

So I'm ill. Netflix isn't talking to me. And because my food choices are limited to dry toast or buttered toast at the moment, my usual method of being ill (which involves curling up under a blanket eating chocolate and watching TV) hasn't been an option. Luckily I have Plan B: many, many podcasts.

For the part of me that's a skeptic who wants to believe, there's Monster Talk and The Conspiracy Skeptic. Monster Talk features a lot of scientists talking about Big Foot, Atlantis, vampires, the Bell Witch, and more Big Foot, and is perfect if you want a look at the facts and possible reasons behind a lot of urban legends and folklore. The Conspiracy Skeptic features guests discussing their favourite conspiracy theories (like the Denver Airport or the Freemasons) and debunking a lot of the hysteria around the topics. I'm really enjoying this one at the moment since one of the new characters I've introduced in Oath Breaker is a hardcore conspiracy theorist.

Speaking of hardcore, I've recently discovered Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. This is an amazing podcast - some of the best episodes are free on iTunes - and I've spent a lot of my sick time listening to his Wrath of the Khans series. Even if you're not a history buff, Carlin has a really engaging style and covers events in a way that really brings them to life. Totally recommend his Prophets of Doom episode if you have five hours spare...

For the part of me that likes science but doesn't understand a lot of it, there's Caustic Soda, which bills itself as "hard science by soft people," but actually covers everything from pirates to sexism to Ivan the Terrible, as well as black holes.

Probably my favourite podcast at the moment is Mysterious Universe, partly because it mashes together elements of all the others - there's weird science, New Age stuff, aliens, near-death experiences, and tons more, all presented by two Australian dudes who don't take themselves or the subject matter too seriously. Honestly, whatever your feelings on "woo," this one is worth a listen.

Last, we have Welcome to Nightvale. I have to admit, I'm not as in love with this one as I used to be. I'll still re-listen to the early episodes quite happily, but I'm not as keen on the newer stuff. But it appeals to the Lovecraft fangirl in me and there's something incredibly charming about the weirdness of it all.

And while you're listening to those podcasts, since chocolate is off the menu, tea is essential. My picks? Beastly Beverages and Nothing But Tea (especially the Mayan Gold, which is practically liquid chocolate).

Oh, and of course I've been writing...come back on Wednesday for proof!

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