Thursday, 17 March 2016

PSA the Third

This one is more of a notice for authors who may be dealing with Caliburn Press when it comes to rights reversals - just a piece of advice!

I'd been advised that my titles would take some time to disappear from third party distributors after getting my rights back, so I wasn't initially worried that the titles in question were still showing as available on All Romance Ebooks. However, because I want to re-home NIGHT AND CHAOS, I did want the title pulled asap. So when I noticed today that all three books were still up there, I contacted All Romance Ebooks directly.

And I was told that publishers have direct login access to their account on All Romance and can inactivate titles instantly. So Caliburn Press could have and should have removed my titles on 7th March when they sent me the RR letter. For whatever reason, they didn't (and were therefore infringing on my copyright and potentially profiting illegally from my books). I was advised by ARe to send them an official DMCA takedown notice in accordance with their policies, and less than ten minutes later, all three titles have been pulled. ARe were super efficient and helpful.

So if you've had rights returned to you, it's worth checking that the titles have indeed been pulled from third party sellers. If they haven't, get in touch with the sellers, because it may be that you don't have to rely on Caliburn Press to take them down.

This is a template for the takedown notice I used. I don't know how long the titles would have remained up there for sale if I hadn't looked into it myself, and I think now I need to find the time to check other outlets and make sure the books are all removed. Fun times!

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