Friday, 15 July 2016

Author Interview - Alyse Raines and The Fundamental Theory of Us

Happy Friday! Time to find a new author and a new book for the weekend, right? Right! Today I'm delighted to welcome Alyse Raines. She's here to talk about her new, debut(!) novel, THE FUNDAMENTAL THEORY OF US. She's also talking Marines, redemption, Starbucks, and her upcoming releases. Let's get going!

NC: Gorgeous cover! Tell us a little bit about your newest release.

AR: THE FUNDAMENTAL THEORY OF US is my debut and features a sexy-as-sin Marine, an Upper East Sider in hiding, and sweet, steamy moments. You can get it from all major ebook retailers, or direct from Evernight. The blurb is:

Andrew Warren’s future was with the Marines, until an IED took his leg and derailed his career. Now he’s flunking Fundamentals, and he enlists the help of his fellow App State freshman and off-campus neighbor, Sawyer Layne. It’s not just the beautiful blonde’s looks that intrigue him, but the hurt in her eyes.

Sawyer spends her days surrounded by numbers and nights with a bottle of vodka to numb the darkness of her past. Guys like sexy, tattooed Andrew are exactly what Sawyer needs to avoid. Look but don’t touch—that’s the rule. If only his eyes weren’t so blue, and his abs not so chiseled….

When Sawyer resists his brand of charm, Andrew uses every devious tactic he knows to pull her from her shell. Falling in love was never part of the plan.

NC: Was there any part of this story you found particularly tough to write? If so, why?

AR: My hero lost his leg below the knee, and I had no experience with this. I did a lot of research, and even spoke to a few servicemen who suffered similar injuries. Their feedback helped me get inside Andrew’s head and heart. Without them, I couldn’t have brought Andrew to life so convincingly! Unfortunately I can’t name them, as they’re still active duty, but they know who they are and I am forever indebted to them <3

NC: Is there any part of this story you absolutely love, and why?

AR: TFToU is all about redemption and self-forgiveness. I love how Sawyer and Andrew work through their own demons while helping each other at the same time.

NC: I adore a good redemption story. Do you have a favourite genre to write in?

AR: I enjoy romance, both reading and writing. Most of my works contain at least a little love ;) I’m also a huge SFF fan. My first YA science fiction novel was snatched up by Entangled Teen and comes out in 2018.

NC: If you could recommend any book (beside your own) to everyone reading this, what would it be?

AR: TALES BY RAILS by Jewel E. Leonard. One-click asap. You’ll love it!

NC: And now, the hard-hitting question. Tea or coffee?

AR: Well, that’s not fair. Are we talking Starbucks? Because then the answer is obvious. Unless you mean iced green tea...

NC: Somehow, I have never tried green iced tea...but I don't think the UK Starbucks carry as much variety as the US ones! I feel like we only just got Pumpkin Spice Lattes...And finally, what else are you working on right now? What's up next from you?

AR: I’m working on a stand-alone in the TFToU world, and trying out a more blush-inducing erotic romance with an interesting twist!

So hopefully this has whet your appetite for THE FUNDAMENTAL THEORY OF US - I know it's on my to-buy list now! Want to keep up with Alyse? Here's how:

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Alyse Raines was born in Canada, and now lives in Los Angeles. She writes romance, and her obsessions include vegan cooking, books, tea, sandals, turquoise jewelry, nail polish, and online shopping. Her debut NA contemp romance THE FUNDAMENTAL THEORY OF US is out now from Evernight.

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