Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Done Book is Done

I'm free! Huzzahs! It took over 20,000 words and three months more than I planned, but the first draft of In Cold Blood is DONE. It clocks in at around 53k and right now I never want to look at it again, so I've sent it to a brave beta reader for a second opinion. And, of course, because I never want to look at it again, this morning the opening of the sequel popped into my head.

No, brain. No.

I mean, I should probably at least wait and make sure it's not an actual garbage fire before I plan the sequel, right? And I have plenty of other stuff to get on with while my fearless volunteer is working her way through my mess manuscript in any case.

So right now I'm just going to enjoy that feeling of having finished a book, take a couple of days off to chill out, and then break into the edits for my next Amber Morgan story. The end of In Cold Blood has also coincided with me getting my perfume order queue under control for the first time since July, so I'll also be spending some time this weekend making new and exciting perfumes for the autumn and winter. And then next week, it'll be onto the next story...

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