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Flashback Friday - Time to get lost in space!

Happy Friday! How's it going? I'm approaching the end of a week off work, which has been so nice. I've read a ton, written a half-ton, and generally had a very chilled out time. And there's still two and a bit days to go! Huzzahs. I'm in the middle of a very melodramatic gothic novel that's making me really want to write a book worthy of covers like these. In the meantime, we're going far, far away from gothic melodrama for today's flashback, with a trip to deep space!

by J. J. Lore
Evernight Publishing
Runner-up best Planet Alpha Book for 2014 in Evernight Publishing’s Reader’s Choice Awards
Honorable mention as Best Ménage book of 2014 in Love Romances Café reader’s poll

Decorated Alphan warriors Mateen and Bynton are on a clandestine mission to one of Earth’s refugee camps, in search of the one woman who might complete their bond. Tempering their instincts to capture and hold, both men realize they must court their chosen woman to win her trust.

Avanelle Rein is merely trying to survive in the chaos of a dying society. The last thing she expects is rescue at the hands of golden-skinned alien men. Despite her attraction to them, she fears their warrior ferocity.

Facing danger from Xyran raiders draws the three together as they explore their new relationship and one another. An unexpected challenge during an ancient claiming right forces Avanelle, Bynton, and Mateen to decide if their bond is strong enough to survive.

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Read on for an excerpt!

One of his hands brushed up against her hip, and she shook, automatically reaching in the dark to cover it with her own. He was warm, his fingers thick and strong under hers as they stilled.

Is this not allowed?” His whisper gusted along her cheek.

I … what do you want to do?” She was so used to fending off unwanted clutches and grabs from desperate men, that her caution had been automatic. Mateen didn’t seem desperate, but rather curious, almost gentle. As if a golden, horned demon would be gentle with her.

To touch you. I like it. Does it bother you?” His frank questions disarmed her. This was so unlike what she’d feared.

No, it doesn’t bother me. I just wonder why you want to.”

I find you attractive.”

Even though I’m human? Not Alphan?” She wasn’t tall, strong, or golden. His hand moved to her waist, his fingers curling towards the small of her back even as she kept hold of his wrist.

Do you find me unattractive because I’m not human?”


I don’t know. I’ve only just seen you for the first time today.” She didn’t want to insult him and was in fact, quite confused in her thinking. She blamed the ample meal and the ever so slight caresses he was giving her. She was too soft and warm to keep up a barrier between her thoughts and her mouth.

Illumination increase twenty percent.” Mateen barked out an order, and she jumped again. Suddenly she could see him, seated on the bed next to her, his face a few centimeters from hers. A handsome face, somehow the golden shade of his skin didn’t strike her as odd anymore, and his bronze eyes were as mesmerizing as a cat’s. At least, as she imagined a cat’s would be. His horns were barely noticeable, and in all honesty, she was now more intrigued by them than repelled. He watched her for a moment.

Our anatomy is nearly identical, and our DNA is compatible. I believe both Bynton and I are adequately symmetrical to indicate our vitality and genetic viability.”

Yes, you seem healthy,” Avanelle breathed this out, completely confused by his statements. They were quite clearly discussing the potential for fucking, but in the strangest, most clinical way she could imagine. Where was the grabbing and growling she’d anticipated? Men wanted to take and dominate, to pretend they had some control over a chaotic world.

Perhaps you worry about physical conformity.” With this, Mateen slid off the bed and pulled at his clothes. In a few quick movements the loose tunic he’d been wearing was tossed on top of a chair. Avanelle’s mouth went dry. Broad chest, ridged abdomen, thick and bulging arms; Mateen looked like an idealized statue of what a man should be. He reached for the fastener on his trousers but stopped when there was a clanging noise from outside the bedroom.

Bynton, please come in. Avanelle and I are in the midst of a discussion.”

Within a moment, Bynton was there, his eyebrows raised as he took in the sight of her crouched on the bed and Mateen standing half-naked in front of her. He was wearing tall boots, the armor she remembered striking to no effect, and a sleek black coat that swept the floor behind him. Without a word he reached for his garment and shrugged out of it, the slippery-looking material stretching over his broad shoulders as he moved. Mateen waited as his companion shed his armor and tunic. The room felt too warm, and Avanelle tugged at her shirt, making sure it still covered her.

Bynton was as well-structured as Mateen, if only slightly less heavy. Standing side by side, they seemed as formidable as a wall. As one, they reached for their trousers, unabashedly stepping free of the garments to reveal soft knit shorts distended by sizeable bulges. If she looked closely she could make out the curve of their—

Wait!” Avanelle held up her hands, suddenly afraid, this strange discussion taking on a very immediate urgency. She wanted to see and yet wanted to close her eyes.

You find us unattractive?” Bynton’s voice conveyed disappointment. Mateen straightened, his hand at the waistband of his shorts.

No, not unattractive. Hardly that.” Avanelle wasn’t sure what she was thinking. They were beautiful in a strange way, close to a human ideal, but slightly different, different enough to give her pause and tempt her at the same time.

We were discussing physiology before you came in.” Mateen adjusted his protruding cock, and Avanelle knew she was blushing even as she felt her nipples tighten. He was so matter-of-fact. Just looking at the ridges and thick heads outlined underneath the thin material was making her light headed.

Ah.” Bynton nodded. “Would you like to see us?”

With a thick swallow, Avanelle gave a quick nod. It was inevitable, and perhaps their very open manner would ease some of her nerves. Apparently at some point she’d decided there was going to be physical contact between them. She wasn’t sure when that page had turned, but somewhere between Mateen’s soft touches and Bynton’s worry that he repelled her, she’d made up her mind. She knew she should be horrified at what was to come, but some pulse of curiosity and desire thrummed through her. She wanted to know, to see, to feel.

J. J. Lore Bio

J. J. Lore has been interested in the dashing men who roam outer space since she was transfixed by Han Solo piloting the Millennium Falcon a long time ago in a theatre far, far away. Sadly, there is no way for her to join in the fun of intergalactic adventures unless she writes them, so that’s what she does whenever she isn’t taking care of the business of life. If you can’t find her typing madly on her sluggish keyboard, she’s probably poking around in a thrift store searching for the perfect pair of worn jeans or a vintage kachina bolo tie. These days she puts her anthropology degree to work when she whips up dishes from many different cultures, most of which benefit from a liberal dose of sriracha or a smear of green curry paste. Her favorite reading topics are costume history, epidemiology, and permaculture, all of which she’d like to work into a story if she’s suddenly overcome with a brilliant idea someday.

Twitter: @JJLore1

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