Wednesday, 5 July 2017

July Accountability

Happy July! I am pleased and proud and tired to announce that the first draft of Imperial Demons is officially done!

Powered by Beastly Beverages' Death Walks Among You tea and many, many peanut butter Magnums, I finally wrapped the monster manuscript up on Monday. Huzzahs! It clocked in at just over 85,000 words and will get longer when I hit the second draft, because I already know there's stuff I need to add.

But I'm not thinking about that just yet, because the first round edits for LICH QUEEN are sitting in my inbox, which means it's time to dive back into Dawn's world. I haven't looked at them yet, but the editor is one I really enjoy working with, so I'm looking forward to digging in and bringing Blood Canticles 3 one step closer to you guys.

So! Where does that leave the to-do list? As you may remember, my resolution for 2017 was not to start any new stories, which I broke when I wrote ON A DARK TIDE, but there we go. I'm not in bad shape despite that little slip-up.

Through Fire (Blood Canticles 3)
Lich Queen (Blood Canticles 3.5)

Mercy's Gate (Southern Gothic urban fantasy book of my heart)
Black Dog (Urban Wolf 6)
Crow Called (Standalone novella)
Flesh and Bone (The Deva Chronicles 2)

My next project is actually going to be an Amber Morgan one, and after that I'd like to crack on with Black Dog. I miss my werewolf girls! I don't really know how long the Amber Morgan book will be, but I imagine it'll take me through the summer and into autumn. I will keep checking in here as I get news on LICH QUEEN, ON A DARK TIDE, and Imperial Demons, which I'm aiming to submit in the very near future. So stay tuned!

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