Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Naomi Jane Clark, where the hell have you been?

I know, right? It's been a while since I did a proper blog, which is a bit ridiculous when I consider how much exciting stuff is going on in my writing life right now. In my defense, I have a pretty legitimate excuse. Remember I mentioned back in July that I was having some problems with an old RSI/nerve/muscle problem in my right arm? Well it got bad. It got really bad. As a result of this injury, I've always favoured my left arm for computer work/carrying, etc. As a result of that I now have the same problems in my left arm. And all through July it was really severe. We're talking cramps, pins and needles, aches, strains, the works. Waking up in the night with both arms completely numb. Stress headaches at work because the pain was so intense. Neck and back ache because my posture was going to hell as I tried to sit comfortably at my work desk for seven hours a day. So I went to my GP to see if she could recommend anything for the pain.

Instead, she sent me for blood tests to see if the pains were related to a vitamin deficiency, a thyroid problem, or a couple of other things. I got the results back last week, and although they found nothing that explains the pain, they did discover I'm low on folic acid, so hurrah for bonus secret medical problems!

So next week I'm going back to the GP. Now we've eliminated one set of potential causes, we can work on narrowing it down to muscular or neuropathic pain, and then look at the options from there. But in the mean time, I'm still in pain and I still have to do my day job. In light of that, I've been trying to restrict my "non-essential" internet/computer time as much as possible. Sadly, writing has had to fall under that category for awhile. I'm in a lot less pain currently than I was, but still not pain-free, and I'm trying to rest both arms as much as possible.

THAT SAID, exciting things are happening soon!

UNDERTOW is coming out on August 18th which is really, really, really soon! And I am really, really, really excited and I want everyone else to be really, really, really excited too. I honestly believe this is the best book I've ever written and I'm thrilled with Ragnarok Publications' support and hard work on bringing Ethan Banning to life. I cannot wait to share it with you all.

Oh wait, I can share a bit of it with you right now!

So that's exciting, as I may have implied.

The other exciting thing is that I've finished the first round of edits for my next Evernight release, THE BEAST OF BIRCH HILL, and I'm hoping I'll get a firm release date soon. This is a very different type of story to UNDERTOW, but dare I say it, just as fabulous in its own way, and I'm looking forward to joining the ranks of Evernight's Romance on the Go authors.

So that's all going on. And now I'm back down to my normal levels of pain (about a 3 on a scale of "I can't hold this for long" to "JESUS WEPT CHOP MY ARMS OFF"), I'm hoping to dive back into my wip, Nightmare Moon, and starting looking again at the next full-length Urban Wolf book and Ethan Banning #3. So wish me luck in getting some super-effective painkillers!


  1. Hope everything works out for you and your arm(s) get better. As someone who has had a sneak-peek read Undertow I can inform anyone reading this that it really is packed full of Ethan Banning at his best awesomeness! Anyway, get well soon Ni, the world needs more of your works!