Friday, 29 August 2014

Ungrateful Dead - Back and looking good!

So a while ago I wrote a few Ethan Banning short stories and self-published them. For various reasons, I pulled them all last year. But now, with UNDERTOW out in the world at last, I thought I might bring at least one of them back. UNGRATEFUL DEAD is a pre-UNDERTOW adventure, with a pre-Voice Ethan. It's got a gorgeous new cover and it's available at a bargain price for the Kindle. I plan to make it available via Smashwords as soon as I can too.

Before Ethan Banning was a down-and-out demon-possessed PI, he was just a down-and-out PI. 

Ethan wouldn't normally touch a haunting case. Mostly because he doesn't believe in ghosts. But when Charlie Mullen asks him to spend the night at a supposedly haunted morgue, Ethan figures, why not? He's broke and Charlie's offering double his normal rate, and that's good enough for Ethan. 

But when a troublesome ghost really does show up, Ethan realises he's going to need more than a good supply of alcohol to get through the night.

Snap it up on Amazon US or Amazon UK! It'll keep you going while I work on the next Ethan novel...

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