Sunday, 29 March 2015

Stick a fork in it...

The first draft of Blood Witch is done! It's currently clocking in at just over 46k, which makes this the longest thing I've written since I finished UNDERTOW way back in 2012. Man. When I started working on this over Christmas, I figured it would be around 15-20k o_O

This novella started out as a way to keep myself occupied during my Christmas break and turned into a labour of love. It's also turned out to be a bit of an exquisite corpse, in the sense that it's a patchwork of ideas and characters from other projects I started and abandoned in the past. Some facts:

1. The opening scene is an adaptation of something I scribbled in a notepad before work one morning. A witch (then called Lilah) was being interviewed by the police. At that point I had no idea why and I never wrote any more. I did steal that opening and turn Lilah into Lola for Blood Witch.

2. The start of chapter two, where Lola visits her ex-girlfriend, Rowan, started life as an urban fantasy parody I was writing to amuse myself. It was supposed to be part of a really OTT cliched UF story, but I ended up taking it too seriously (as I am prone to do) and decided to make it part of Blood Witch.

3. One of the side characters, Caleb, was originally a secondary character in a paranormal romance I was writing a few years back. I got about 20k in before realising I didn't really know what I was doing, but I liked Caleb and decided to work him in somewhere else.

Phew. Okay. I'm off to do a quick read-through, and then I'm going to enjoy an evening of deciding what to work on next...

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