Sunday, 26 July 2015

"A good home must be made, not bought."

Joyce Maynard

We're still searching for the perfect new vivarium for Ket after his most recent break-out. He spent a few days curled up in his hide ignoring us after his re-capture, but now he's been fed a couple of times and shed his skin, he's back to his normal, curious self.

Seen here watching me watch him to make sure he isn't plotting a new escape.

We're contemplating moving both tanks to a different place in the kitchen so they both get a bit more daylight, which would incidentally also free up space for another exotic pet of some description...I'm leaning towards a tarantula still; Kyle quite fancies a chameleon. But that's for later. In the mean time, while we were out investigating new vivs yesterday, we decided to redecorate Remic's tank a bit (as a reward for being too stupid to escape himself).

King snakes are pretty active, inquisitive, and energetic, and we like to revamp Rem's tank every few months to give him new things to explore and do. A couple of weeks ago we treated him to a new climbing log, which he much appreciates:

Seen here perfecting his Loch Ness Monster pose
Yesterday we decided, in addition to the new log, we'd get him some new ornaments to appreciate.

The new hide is made of real wood, whereas his old one was some synthetic blend. We decided to replace it as the real wood has a rough surface for him to rub against when he's shedding (the inside of the old hide was too smooth to be useful). The fake plant is just for appearances, and the skull is because...Well...

Metal as fuck
 Because this dope loves anything he can knot himself up in. Ket has a dinosaur skull that he's very fond of, so it seemed only fair Rem had a skull of his own to play with. He does love it - every time I walk past the viv, he's slithering through it. I think this will have to be a permanent addition to the tank.

Oh, and just so you don't think it's all about the snakes at the moment, here's a picture of Fergus enjoying some quality time with a blanket.

His tastes are very singular.

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