Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Wednesday Snippet - Oath Breaker

It's always fun when my characters reveal things about themselves that surprise me. Imani tends to do that a lot. (And I feel like this quote is a sentiment she would completely agree with).


"I'm sure we could have a really long, fascinating conversation about the social conventions of Gehenna," Dawn said, "but can it wait? We have more important issues to deal with."
Lola bit her lip, slipping out of Tristesse's arms. She had a sudden, vivid memory of being caught making out with her first girlfriend on the doorstep. Her mother's expression had been the same mix of rueful disapproval Dawn wore now. "Sure. Where do we start?" She gestured to Imani. "We had some work to do..."

"I need Imani this morning," Dawn said. "We're going to sweep Dogwood Park, see if there's anything that triggers a memory for her."

Imani scowled. "You know I've got an education to complete, right? I'm supposed to be in class in an hour."

"Imani, this is more important," Dawn said.

"Not for my future career aspirations."
"We're going to Dogwood Park tonight anyway," Lola said, trying to rescue Imani. "Can't it wait until then? If the vampire is hiding there, she's more likely to be moving around after dark, right?"
Dawn rubbed her bloodshot eyes with a groan. "Fine." She massaged her temples. "I can speak to someone in -"

"You can sleep," Lola said. Judging from her pallor and the yawns she was struggling to suppress, Dawn hadn't had a restful night on the sofa. "You can stay here if you want, but you need to rest, Dawn."

"I'm fine. I have coffee." Dawn lifted her cup in a salute.

Lola looked to Imani and Tristesse for support, but Imani was dishing up bacon and eggs, and Tristesse was staring out the window, scanning the garden. Lola sighed. You had to pick your battles. Now was clearly not the time for this one.

She gathered the stones she'd picked out for Jonah. Freshly washed in essential oils and her blood, they were ready to be set. "I guess you don't have time to come with me now?" she asked Imani, who shook her head.

"I can't miss this class. We're starting the robotics module this week and it's pretty essential for my long-term plans."

"What are your long-term plans?" Lola asked. "World domination?"

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