Thursday, 31 August 2017

NIGHT AND CHAOS going cheap!

Hey guys! Just a quick note to say that NIGHT AND CHAOS is available for just 99 cents over at Evernight right now! If you want ~award-winning~ dark urban fantasy with shapeshifters and sexy shenanigans, this might just be the book for you!

Not sure? Check out the excerpt below!

He stood behind me and wrapped the towel around me, drawing the soft material gently down my arms and around my torso. His fingers rubbing over my skin, through the flimsy barrier of the towel, were unbearably tantalizing, sending little waves of excitement through me. I sank back against him with a sigh as he passed the towel over my breasts and down my hips. I could all too easily imagine him doing other things with my body, and judging by the hard erection pressing at the small of my back, so could he.

When he stroked the towel between my legs, I jumped, a small gasp escaping me. I wriggled against him, not sure if I was trying to break the contact or intensify it. Either way, he held me still, muttering sweet nonsense in my ear as he dropped the towel and moved his fingers in its place.

“Jackson, please,” I whispered, shuddering as he slid his fingers inside me, stroking me with rough tenderness.

“I like that I can still make you beg.” His breath was hot on the curve of my shoulder. He bit my throat lightly and ran his tongue over the spot. “What do you want, Ryan?”

I caught his right hand and squeezed his gloved wrist as I rocked against him, increasing the pressure of his fingers inside me. “Please.” It was all I could say, mindless with pleasure at the feel of his body again. Oh, it had been too long, way too long since a man had held me, touched me, and no man had ever touched me like Jackson. He slid another finger inside me and my knees buckled, the beginnings of a wild orgasm building inside me.

He twisted his right hand free of my grip and slid it up my stomach to cup one of my breasts. “You like this?” he asked me, pinching my nipple just a little too hard. I swooned again, hot and breathless and only capable of nodding. I liked it far too much. Loved the feel of his hands on me, in me. I was going to burst if he didn’t stop.

But the glove was annoying me. I wanted him as naked as I was, wanted flesh against flesh. I caught the edge of the glove and tugged.

“No—” he began, alarm replacing his husky whisper. “Ryan!”

Too late. I whipped the glove off and stared down at his hand. Suddenly all the warmth and arousal in me drained away. I cried out and pulled away from him, my heart leaping around my chest in horror and disbelief.

“Jackson!” I cried, staring at the gleaming metal I’d uncovered. “What happened?”

He raised his metal hand and smiled wryly at me. “APTT business.”

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