Monday, 12 October 2015

I counted 27 birds up there today/I'm thinking that's why I still love it here

So I find myself being alone again, with just Fergus for company (not that he isn't marvellous company).

Look how fun he is!
It's a cold October evening. I have a cup of almond rooibos in hand, mellow music playing (my Sea Wife playlist, in case you're interested), and a manuscript open on my laptop. It's the first time in about a month that my wrists and arms don't really hurt and it feels like high time I cracked on with Oath Breaker Dark Days (I renamed it; I like this name better).

I'd planned to have the first draft wrapped up by the end of October so I could work on an Amber Morgan project in November. That still feels doable, but under the circumstances I need to be patient with myself and not force myself to write if the pain kicks in again. I think I've got it under control, thanks to a combination of support bandages, anti-inflammatories, and light weightlifting, but also because I've made myself stay off the laptop as much as possible. My day job is highly computer-orientated, and even though it kills me to "save myself" for the day job and cut back on writing, I didn't really have much choice (but can I just say, I've discovered that I truly loathe sitting around doing nothing but watching TV. Seriously. There were a few days when I couldn't even hold a book to read. I wanted to die).

Anyway, the past few days, I've felt pretty okay, and since I'll probably be alone three or four days a week for the next couple of months, it feels like a good time to try to finish Lola's second adventure. Wish me luck!

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