Saturday, 31 October 2015

Happy Halloween!

What's everyone doing on this spookiest of days? I love Halloween, but I'm too introverted to go out there in costume and party hard on the actual day, so my celebrations tend to be quiet and mellow. Last night my BFF and I went to see Frankenstein at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge - a performance made notable by huge amounts of Brit Pop, one audience member collapsing into the ice cream stand, and one couple disappearing during the interval. All credit to the actor playing the Creature though - he really sold it! Throw in liberal amounts of chocolate, and we had a great night.

Today I'm planning to work on Dark Days, but I'm throwing out a few spooky links for you to enjoy while we all eat our Halloween candy.

Looking for some dark and creepy music to listen to? Check out this Death and the Maiden playlist. Or if you're after something more witchy than macabre, there's this compilation. And as far as I'm concerned, we can't talk spooky music without mentioning The Misfits' Famous Monsters album:

Want some unsettling reading material? The Eight Most Intriguing Unsolved Crimes are right here. Or you can check out Cracked's list of creepy urban legends that just happen to be true...If you want something more monstrous, how about Ten Terrifying Canines From Around the World?

Halloween drinks? I've got you covered!

Of course that's just for starters - there's a ton more recipes here!

And naturally we can't have Halloween without some terrifying television. Obviously I'm always a sucker for the totally legit and utterly credible Ghost Adventures, which follows the trials and tribulations of three failed nu-metal singers as they shout at empty rooms and try to find a ghost to fight:

But if you want something genuinely scary, you can always try one of the Top 20 Scariest Asian Horror Films. Personally though, I don't think you can beat Jason Vorhees.

Whatever you do, have a fun and fearsome night and enjoy yourselves!

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