Thursday, 14 January 2016

DARK DAYS Cover Reveal!

I'll be honest, it hasn't been the best week. Last Thursday, Kyle and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to have our beloved Ferguson put to sleep. In the very early hours of the morning, he went into heart failure, and his liver was hugely enlarged. We decided to let him go peacefully while we still could. It was a horribly sad decision, not made any easier by knowing it was the right one. And, purely coincidentally, I've been ill ever since, so there's that. Anyway. Goodbye, my boy. You were a hell of cat. You had friends all over the world, and you were my fearless feline companion through many a domestic misadventure. There will never be another you, and I feel grateful to have been your favourite human.

As much as I would love the world to stop while I grieve, that's not how life works. So I have to keep on trucking, I guess. It's not all bad news. Amber Morgan had a new book out this week. That's good. Over the Christmas break I completed the edits on DARK DAYS and got a final release date (February 2nd). That's good. Yesterday I saw the mock-up of the cover. That was great. And today I got the final art files. That's awesome. Wanna see? Of course you do! Clickety-click.

I love it! I just...fdsfjfksdjf...I don't have words. I just love it, and it's really cheered me up during what has been a pretty miserable week. I feel like so much love and time has gone into creating DARK DAYS, and not just from me, but from my beta reader, my editor, and now Jay Aheer. It's fantastic to see it all come together.

And hey, because I'm lucky like that, I got a whole bunch of extra graphics on top of the cover, so I can show you what BLOOD WITCH and DARK DAYS look like side-by-side!

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. It's like a proper series and everything. Probably time to start brainstorming Book 3...

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