Friday, 5 February 2016

"The Cat is Classic."

HP Lovecraft

Let's not talk about the name Lovecraft chose for his own cat. He was an unrepentant racist, but he was right about cats.

So it's Friday again! I still don't have a laptop! But I do have a three-day weekend, and I will have a laptop (probably) by Sunday. Mine is officially dead. The company who built it offered to give us a quote for repair, but it's more than likely a motherboard issue, which will be a bare minimum of £200 to fix. So, through a convoluted chain of events, I am buying a laptop from a friend and then swapping that laptop with one Kyle loaned to my brother. Everyone gets a laptop! Except my friend, but presumably he knew this when the deal was made.

I also still don't have a working debit card, because my bank seem incapable of doing anything right. I have a general policy of not being a shithead to people in customer service jobs, because...well, there's rarely a need to ever be a shithead to anyone, frankly. But it's been hard since this whole debacle started, and I can't help but wonder if I'd have a working debit card by now if I'd been an asshole three weeks ago when my account first got hacked. Ugh. I don't know. Complaints have been lodged. I'm sure it will make no difference, and I fully expect to still be without a debit card in a week's time, because that just seems to be my fate at the moment.

But it's not all bad news! DARK DAYS is out and quietly sneaking into a few Top 100 lists over on Amazon, so huzzahs!

And tomorrow, best of all, Kyle and I are bringing home a lovely little tabby cat from the local shelter. I'm sure every animal-lover will understand when I say it's been so hard coming home to a cat-free house since we lost Fergus. Last weekend, amidst all the bank drama and laptop chaos, I went to the shelter on impulse and fell in love with this little lady. I realised that, as much as I'm still grieving, I'm also just not happy in a house without a cat. So Yuki (née Holly) is joining us tomorrow, and I'm so excited about getting to know her!

And of course, there will be writing. There will always be writing.


  1. Ooh, nice name :-) Is Yuki named after someone, or it's just a nice name?

    1. It's Japanese for "happiness." Kyle picked it, I believe from an anime he likes. I figured since I found the cat, he could pick the name.