Wednesday, 3 February 2016

DARK DAYS are upon us!

Or is upon us, technically speaking. Release day was yesterday, but I'm still laptop-less and couldn't post very much about it here. So here's the usual round-up of purchase links, a day late but still just as good!

Blood Canticles Book 2
Vampires on the loose. Monsters on the streets. And a demon in her bed...
Lola Guntram's life is not getting easier. She's no longer wanted for murder, but there's still danger everywhere she turns. Isaiah's sinister influence still lingers in Fort Rosser, and her friends are breaking under the pressure.
To make matters worse, a new threat stalks Tristesse, and the demon duchess might not win this war. As more blood is spilled and evil draws ever closer, Lola has to ask herself what she's prepared to do—and what she's prepared to sacrifice—to keep her loved ones safe.
Available right this second from Evernight, All Romance Ebooks, Amazon US, and Amazon UK, and probably wherever ebooks are sold!
And, incidentally, if you're interested in trying one of my Amber Morgan titles, TANNER'S WAR is just 99 cents on Evernight right now. That's a whole lot of bikers and snake cults for a tiny, tiny price! I'd do the whole "less than a cup of coffee" thing, but look, if you want coffee, go buy your coffee and don't let anyone tell you different.

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