Tuesday, 24 May 2016

“My sun sets to rise again.”

Robert Browning

So we have a release date for NIGHT AND CHAOS - June 15th! I spent last weekend and a bit of yesterday working on first and second round edits, and although the process wasn't without its frustrations, I feel like it's going to worth it. I love this story. I love Ryan and her general saltiness at the hand life has dealt with her.

There's something slightly nerve-wracking about re-releasing a title. I'm more nervous about how this book will be received the second time round, and I could waffle for hours about why that is, but I'm trying to resist because it probably isn't very interesting. I still can't quite believe how well my Urban Wolf series has been received since WOLF STRAP was re-published. And I'm holding back three titles that I realistically could find new homes for, because I don't feel like the time is right for them just now. But NIGHT AND CHAOS feels right. If you like Blood Canticles and the Ethan Banning Files, I think you'll like Ryan McCarthy and the mad science-occult mash-up that the Deva Chronicles introduces.

So! Save the date - June 15th. Hopefully I'll have some gorgeous new cover art to share with you, so stay tuned!

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