Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow...

I am a lazy blogger, it turns out. I even set myself a month-long blogging challenge for my Amber Morgan blog in April, and so far I've only managed four days of it. Some times there's just nothing to talk about though. I'm writing as much as I can, but do you need to hear that once a week? Probably not. And I feel like nothing else I do is worth commenting on, particularly. I mean, unless people are interested in the glamorous life of a PA? Probably not. So I just put off blogging until I have NEWS, and it then it just feels like I'm using the blog as an advertising board, which isn't what I want at all. And although I like sharing snippets from my work on Wednesdays, the further into a project I get, the harder it is to share non-spoilery stuff. Ugh. Blogging is hard. Here's a picture of Yuki.

She's very sensible, as you can see.

Anyway, I have been doing stuff other than writing and not-blogging. 22nd April was my birthday (I'm 33, which seems way too old for someone who has a toy unicorn on their desk at work), and I went on a Wickedness and Witchcraft tour of Cambridge! We saw Aleister Crowley's student digs and the rooms where Isaac Newton illegally practiced alchemy at Trinity College, as well as learning a fair bit about witch hunting. And our guide was a practicing Wiccan, so we also got to cast a spell at the end of the tour. As far as birthdays go, that was pretty awesome.

In the wake of my birthday (which also involved a lot of food), I came to the shocking realisation that I'm not getting younger and started panicking about my body. As I'm sure you can imagine, my day job is 100% sedentary (apart from frequent trips to the kitchen for tea), and also I'm pretty lazy, as established, so me and exercise are strangers to each other. I also really enjoy chocolate on a very fundamental level. I used to swim pretty regularly, but rotator cuff syndrome makes that an un-fun experience for me nowadays. That's a frustration, because I genuinely enjoying swimming, but nowhere near enough to put up with the chronic pain it causes.

So I decided to take up running. At this point I'll add that I have bronchoconstriction (also known as exercise-induced asthma, which sounds really made-up but is a thing), so I'm not really good at running and breathing at the same time. But I'm determined to make this happen and make my body less of a pain in the ass to live in. I went for my first run this Sunday and didn't die, which I consider a great triumph. I found this app to be incredibly motivating and hope to be apocalypse-ready in the near future.

Meanwhile, I am working on In Cold Blood and doing a ton of research to help inspire the world-building I need to do for Blood Canticles #3, as well as making a million bottles of perfume a week*, and somehow managing to fake being an adult at my day job (the unicorn on my desk isn't helping with that). So I guess I probably do have stuff to talk about and should make the effort to blog more often and worry less about whether anyone wants to read it. I mean, you read my books, right?


Haha. Let's finish with another picture of Yuki.

She refuses to explain to me what was happening here

*Give or take.

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