Friday, 23 September 2016

Ethan's Makeover Continues...

Recently I unveiled a new cover for DEMONIZED (coming back soon, definitely!), and Ragnarok treated me to a new cover for UNDERTOW, and all things being equal, I decided it was only fair to give the Ethan Banning short stories their own update.

I already have all the covers picked out, but I'm spacing out the purchases because, well, things cost stuff. If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you may already have seen the new covers for UNGRATEFUL DEAD and STAKEOUT, and I have updated the Ethan Banning page here on the blog too. However, I didn't ~officially~ unveil either one, so here they both are!

Aren't they awesome? The two I have picked out for ICE, ICE BABY and GONE TO THE DOGS follow the "hand" theme, and I can't wait to get them sorted out. The Ethan Banning shorts can be read in any order, but all come chronologically before DEMONIZED, so if you're after a quick Ethan fix and want a glimpse of his life when he was just a regular loser and not a demon-possessed loser, these are the stories for you!

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