Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Wednesday Snippet - Thrown To The Wolves

You know, I don't think I've actually said that the short werewolfy romance I'm working on at the moment is called Thrown To The Wolves. But it is, so there we go. I'm aiming to have it wrapped up and submitted this week, and by my reckoning I'm about 4k away from that goal, which is very doable, even allowing for the fact that I'm out Friday night and in London on Saturday. That's two social occasions in a row, which for me is pretty bold. We're going to see Scandal at the O2 Academy on Saturday night, which should be loads of fun. If all goes according to plan, I'll have Thrown To The Wolves ready to submit on Sunday, then I can spend the rest of the day sessioning Lucha Underground and mentally plotting Blood Canticles 3 some more.

Anyway! Enough talk. Here's a snippet from Thrown To The Wolves.

To Paige’s surprise, once Kata told the twins where they were going and why, they insisted on coming too.

“If pack is everything, pack should stick together,” Lidia said when Kata protested. Alina nodded her silent agreement and that seemed to be that. Paige wasn’t sure if they were coming for her sake or Kata’s, but they seemed satisfied with Kata’s proclamation that Paige might become pack if she didn’t turn. Their trust in their sister made Paige want to weep, thinking of Ben and how she might never see him again.

That depressing thought was shoved firmly from her mind quickly enough. The wolves had left her standing by the well in the centre of the ramshackle little village, telling her they needed to “prepare.” She’d been waiting ten minutes, idly wondering what preparations they were making and conjuring up battle rituals and ancient songs in her head. When the sisters emerged from their cabins, she was somewhat awed to see them naked except for the thick, luxurious-looking furs draped around their shoulders. Kata’s was midnight black, the twins’ dusty grey. She remembered now that Kata had been wearing a fur the night they’d brought her back here.

As Kata approached her, Paige couldn’t resist reaching out to stroke the silky fur. “This is how you change?” she asked, fascinated. “I always thought…you know, full moons and stuff.”

Kata smiled and patted the fur affectionately. “There are many ways to become a werewolf. Drink water from a wolf’s paw print, drink potions, sell your soul…A wolf strap is our way.”

“So what happens? You just put it over your head or…” Paige waved her hands vaguely, not sure what else you’d be able to do with a wolf skin.

Alina snarled a little. “You aren’t pack yet,” she said. “You don’t need to know.”

It was a clear enough answer, but Paige still couldn’t hold her tongue. “What happens if you lose it or someone takes it?” she asked Kata.

Again it was Alina who answered. “Try it and see.” She bared her teeth at Paige, eyes shining gold, and Paige backed away, heart thumping. Lidia rested her hand on her sister’s shoulder, a pacifying gesture.

“She doesn’t mean any harm,” she said.

“We’ll see,” Alina replied, eyes fixed on Paige.

“Enough,” Kata said, more stern than Lidia. “If you are coming, behave.”

Alina rolled her eyes, but backed down.

“Good.” Kata placed her hand at the small of Paige’s back, giving her a gentle shove towards the woods. “Let’s go.”

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