Monday, 7 November 2016

Monday Check-In: the evening edition

So it's the second week of November, but really the first week of Anti-Nano, since, as I predicted, I had pretty much no writing time last week. Well, sort of. I did sort of write 4k on an Amber Morgan project at work. And by "sort of," I mean "I totally did that." I don't know, I was reading a book that really irritated me and it sparked a story. That is firmly on the back-burner, however! Honest.

I wrote 2300 words on Through Fire over the weekend, which isn't as much as I'd like, but I'm not unhappy with it either. I would love to get 1k a day in going forward, more at the weekends. This does mean getting my arse in gear a bit, not just at writing, but on wrapping up my last perfume orders of the year. It's doable! Everything is doable!

One of the reasons I didn't get as much done this weekend as I hoped was that I really had to stop and think about a new character I'd introduced, and what they want. I've known for months who and what this character would be, and what role they'd play in Lola's new adventure, but I hadn't thought about their motives, and whilst writing on Saturday, I realised I couldn't just wing it, because I'd end up with a cliche. So I needed to stop and figure him out a bit. I suppose I still could end up with a cliche, but that's what the second draft is for, right? Right! Anyway, a break from the scene I was working on to dig a bit deeper into the new guy was definitely the right choice. I got the bulk of those 2300 words written on Sunday after I'd decided which way to go with Lola's new friend. You'll get to meet him on Wednesday, so tune in then!

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