Friday, 14 November 2014

Anti-Nano: Another Friday is upon us

I'm about to get stuck into a huge pile of perfume orders, but I figured I'd check in first and see how everyone's doing with their Nano and Nano-associated goals. How are your words flowing? Are they flowing well?

I had Wednesday and Thursday as no-writing days again, but managed to get some work done today and I'm rapidly approaching the 20k mark on Nightmare Moon, which is about the point a novel feels real to me, and not something I can just abandon because, eh, whatever, it's just a short thing.

More important than the word count though, I'm happy with the words I'm writing. Confession: I hate editing. I hate rewriting, and I'd rather get it right first time than go back and edit relentlessly. I think Wild* gave me the fear. Of course, nothing is going to be perfect first time round, but it works better for me to tweak as I go, rather than go back afterwards and try to patch together a bunch of disparate ideas into one smooth novel (I'm looking at you, Ethan Banning #2).

I'm expecting to spend a lot of this weekend working on new perfume blends and cleaning out our old house, so I don't know how much writing will go down, but I'm hopefully I can get closer to the 20k mark. What's everyone else planning?

*I think I rewrote Wild about fifteen-seventeen times, maybe even more than that. And for what, I ask you? For what? For nothing. Fuck you, stupid book.

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