Monday, 1 December 2014

Aw, Monday. No.

Today was definitely a Monday. I can tell because I had to go to work and I didn't like it. I can also tell because my bike was stolen from outside the hospital. Someone literally just hacked the lock in half and took off with it (the bike, not the lock). This is coming hot on the heels of our boiler breaking down and our washing machine packing up, so I guess at least nothing else bad is due to happen for a while?

I guess?

Anyway. Let us not dwell. The boiler and washing machine will be fixed and the bike will maim the genitals of the thief, if we're all lucky. The good news is there are good things happening out there. Here's some of them:

Evernight Publishing is having a Cyber Monday Sale - 25% off all ebooks!

Why yes, that does include all my titles with them, including the Readers' Choice Award nominee, THE BEAST OF BIRCH HILL (which you can still vote for, if you're so inclined and want to see me win Best Lesbian).

Two of my favourite indie perfumers are running Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales that you should definitely check out. Deep Midnight Perfume is offering a "buy two, get one free" deal. This is exceptional value, as Cat has tons of choice and some truly amazing perfumes. I snapped a few to add to my not-at-all-excessive collection, and I can recommend Grimalkin, Gardens of Babylon, Skeleton Crew, and Darkness Falls as particular favourites of mine.

Midnight Gypsy is running a sale all this week, offering 15% off your order with the code CYBER. Tina's perfumes are sheer class, stunningly made, and a joy to wear. I adore Absinthe Sucre (one day we shall discuss my absinthe perfume fetish in detail, perhaps), but I also have a fondness for A Murder of Crows.

Not a Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal, but still awesome, Beastly Beverages (maker of artisan fandom teas, so what more do you want?) will be donating £2 from every sale until 18th December to the Ferguson Defence Fund. They are also offering 50% off when you spend over £50 with the code CHRISTMAS. So if you desperately need Sherlock, Firefly, Supernatural, or Hannibal inspired-tea (which you probably do), you should check that out.

What else good is happening?

Oh yeah! This is coming:

So, despite it being a Monday, I suppose it's not all bad.

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