Monday, 15 December 2014

MOAR Ethan

Step right up, kids, because I've got another Ethan Banning short story for you all! ICE, ICE, BABY is available now via Smashwords, Amazon US, and Amazon UK

So what do you need to know about ICE, ICE, BABY? Here's some facts:

1. It's a pre-UNDERTOW story, so Ethan is demon-free and blissfully unaware of what cruel fate awaits him.

2. But you don't need to read this to understand anything that happens in UNDERTOW - these Ethan Banning shorts are meant to be stand-alone.

3. It's a Christmas special! And a murder mystery! And Ethan almost has a really nice night.

This is the third Ethan short I've polished up and re-published this year, following on from UNGRATEFUL DEAD and STAKEOUT. Next year I hope to add some brand new short stories to the collection (not to mention another novel!), but in the mean time, if you need an Ethan fix, this is your deal, yo.

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