Monday, 8 December 2014

"You know time crawls on when you're waiting for the song to start... dance alone to the beat of your heart."

Oh Jesus it's like, properly December and what am I doing? I didn't get any writing done last week due to A) an avalanche of perfume orders, B) taking up swimming again, and C) going to a rave for Kyle's birthday and spending the next day too tired to do anything but veg out on the sofa watching Stargate: SG1. Bad writer. Slapped wrists all round.

This week it shall be different! I don't want to lose the momentum I built up in November with Nightmare Moon, and I have plans for a couple of other projects that I need to crack on with. I cannot wait until I finish work next Friday - two weeks off for Christmas! I plan to split my time as evenly as possible between perfume-making and writing so I can start the New Year in a good place to finish some projects, as opposed to just having a million things started.

Look at this majestic asshole
I decided 2015 is going to be the Year of the Basilisk* (following on from 2013's Year of the Unicorn and 2014's Year of the Kraken), and have thus decided I want to go into the New Year with all guns blazing, ready to be king of the serpents queen of the world. To that end, I am making a To-Do List, because that is pretty much the only way I can keep myself focused in a world full of comic book movie news and pictures of adorable kittens.

1. Finish first draft of Nightmare Moon
2. Finish first draft of Ethan #2
3. Finish first draft of In Cold Blood (an Urban Wolf spin-off)
4. Work on Secret Urban Wolf Project
5. Re-start the next Urban Wolf novel

I'm not setting deadlines on these things, because I still need to allow for running Common Brimstone, and the fact that my arm problems really flare up in the colder months, but that's roughly the order of importance. I also want to work on some more Ethan short stories and I have this really nagging idea about a banshee working for vampires floating around my head...But that needs to wait. I guess "blog more" should be in there somewhere, and I'm also on a quest to find the perfect candy floss pink hair dye, but I don't think I need to add that to the list particularly.

I should also be getting the rights to AFTERLIFE reverted to me in the extremely near future, so then I need to decide what to do with that baby. In the mean time, please enjoy the song I can't get out of my head at the moment:

  *I'll explain next time