Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Snippety-snap: the snippets are back

Tomorrow is release day for THE SEA WIFE!

Consider yourself showered in glitter

But before we get to that, let's get back to Oath Breaker...Here's your (not-so) regularly scheduled snippet.

The hallway was eerily quiet, the hunter-green carpet muffling her boots as she hurried down it. There was an artificial pine scent in the air, completely the green theme. The palette reminded Lola uncomfortably of hospitals.

A door cracked open down the hall and Lola froze, heart in her mouth. A woman with dirty blonde hair poked her head out into the hall. Even from here, Lola could see the tension in her shoulders. When the woman turned her head to glance Lola's way, she understand why.

The woman's face was a mask of blood.

It was Gwen Craig. It was their missing vampire.

A strangled cry left Lola's mouth before she could stop herself. Gwen's face contorted, shock and fear plain to see. She slammed the door open and burst into the hall, heading away from Lola. Lola gave chase, grabbing her athame again as she did. It wasn't much of a weapon, but it was better than nothing.

Gwen disappeared round a corner. Lola stumbled, tripping over her own feet as she followed. She steadied herself against a door and turned the corner. At the end of the hall was a huge, round stained glass window, patterned with suns and stars. Gwen was a few feet away from the window and picking up speed. Lola's eyes widened as she realised what the vampire intended.

"No!" she shouted, reaching out even though she had no chance of grabbing Gwen.

The woman looked back once, shocking Lola with the sheer terror on her face.
And then she dived at the window.

The sound of smashing glass was almost lost in the howl of the wind ripping in. Lola's boots crunched on brightly-coloured shards as she rushed to the broken window, just in time to see Gwen's pale hair vanish into darkness as she plunged down.

Lola didn't see her hit the ground, didn't hear it either. But a second later, illuminated by the feeble glow of a courtyard light, she saw Gwen hobble towards the gate. 

It never occurred to Lola to go after her. She turned and ran back to the apartment Gwen had left. The image of her face, caked in blood, was burning in Lola's mind. Gwen would wait. She had to find Dawn.

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