Monday, 2 November 2015

Anti-Nano Begins Anew!

Good luck to everyone who started NaNoWriMo yesterday! May your words come swiftly and few? Your writing blockages. All blockages.

I am not doing NaNo, because I know I can't commit to the minimum daily word count due to my shoulder/arm problems/perfume business/day job/inherent laziness/old episodes of Raw is War/delete as appropriate. But I love the spirit of NaNo, so I always aim to commit to something writing-wise in November, and thus, Anti-Nano was born.

The principles of Anti-Nano are simple: pick your goal and hop to it. Whether it's to write a certain amount each day, finish that story you've been avoiding for months, or brainstorm ideas for your epic, game-changing ten book series, you set the goals and pace yourself accordingly. My usual Anti-Nano goal is just "write something every day," but I'm adjusting that slightly this year and giving myself two goals.

1. Finish the first draft of Dark Days. I'm so close! The end is definitely in sight, and I feel like I can by done by mid-November if I stick to my current pace.

2. Once Dark Days is wrapped up and has been sent to my brave volunteer beta reader, I'm going to work on my next Amber Morgan title, Wolf's Hunt. It's not impossible that I could finish that before the end of November, but I'm not aiming for that particularly. I just want to crack on as much as I can before the end of this year.

My caveat is that I have two short stories scheduled for release in the next couple of months, so I'm awaiting edits which, obviously, take precedence. So my goals may jump around a bit depending on when the edits arrive and how intense they are.

I post check-ins on Mondays and Fridays, and snippets on Wednesdays (if I can find non-spoilery snippets for Dark Days this late in the game). Hopefully this will be a productive, creative month for everyone!

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