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Author Interview - Rebecca Black

I love supporting a fellow Evernight author, especially if she's also a fellow Brit! I'm delighted to welcome Yorkshire lass Rebecca Black to my blog today. Her recent release, LET'S RIDE, is a beautifully erotic f/f story that I thoroughly enjoyed, so I asked Rebecca if she'd be willing to answer a few questions for me. So here we go!

Let's start with the obvious one – tell us a bit about yourself!

Well, first of all, hello! Thanks for having me, Naomi. I always find this question quite hard to answer but here goes…. I’m too close to 40 for comfort and have two kids who are both in school now. I have a very lovely and supportive partner who reads all my stories. I read a lot - the Kindle is both the best and worst thing ever invented. I have spent more hours than I care to think about procrastinating since I got my first one four years ago! I have travelled a lot but the older I get the happier I am to be home. I love chocolate and should probably try and distance myself from it a little better! I love recommending new books and authors to my friends. It’s beautiful chemistry when they love them as much as I do.

I hear you on the Kindle thing. I am stockpiling more ebooks than I can ever possibly read! Also the chocolate thing...

LET'S RIDE is a short, smoking-hot read with a lot of emotion packed in. Can you tell us a bit about the story behind the story? Were there any particular inspirations for this one?

Thank you. The inspiration came from a black and white photograph that I saw on Tumblr of a very beautiful androgynous woman sat on a motorbike. She looked like she had some serious attitude and just like that the character of Jo was born. The story started life as an erotic short (I post on most Mondays for a popular meme called Masturbation Monday - there are 40 free erotic shorts on there now if anyone fancies having a look) and got loads of great comments. I quickly realised that the story had potential to be extended. So that’s what I did and luckily Evernight liked it too.

It's a great story - so much emotion packed into a short piece, which can be hard to pull off. What do you love most about writing erotica? And is there anything you don't love about it (or the writing process as a whole)?

I find writing erotica to be incredibly liberating. It’s like a sweet shop full of sexual fantasies!! I absolutely love it. I write under a pen name and very few people in my real life know what I do, so I try to write freely, and without censoring myself too much. It’s important to me that my characters aren’t judged on their sexuality but on their stories. I don’t particularly like labels regarding sexuality, although I realise that for some people they are necessary. I love reading about all gender pairings, my absolute favourite is bisexual menage. So you can expect some of that in the future.

Excellent! I'll be keeping an eye out for new stuff from you! Have you always veered towards erotica, or are there other genres you enjoy writing in?

I started off writing contemporary romance but I couldn’t get to the sex scene fast enough!! I have plans to go back to that genre soon, but I think I will always write some erotica. I love how erotica suits the short story form so well. It’s a great way to start writing and developing your style.

LET'S RIDE is your second release, and it's obvious from your website you have a few other things in the works – can you give us any hints as to what's next from you?

I have a short story coming out soon in The Prompted Anthology which will be edited by Oleander Plume and F Leonora Solomon. That was so fun to do. Oleander posted a list of hilarious prompts and I used “two undercover cops on a stakeout are bored and horny.” That story is called Donuts and is m/m and involves interesting ways to eat donuts!

I’ve also got some more short stories coming out in anthologies for F Leonora Solomon next year. There are a couple of femdom stories included in those that I really enjoyed writing.

My current WIP is a m/f erotic romance. I started it a year ago, right at the beginning when I first started writing and lost my way with it. I went back and read what I’d written a few weeks ago and thought, ‘that’s not half bad!’ So I’ve picked it up, edited it and now I’m busy finishing it. It’s about a woman who is finding the strength to let herself fall in love after an emotionally abusive childhood. It’s going to be steamy hot and there is humour in there, so it’s not too heavy. I hope to have it ready for submission before spring 2016. It’s going to be a full length novel (60,000 words plus) so it’s going to take me a while to get there.

Ah, the joys of rediscovering a lost project! I've been doing that a lot this year. 

And last, the really hardball question: tea or coffee?

That’s a difficult one because I’m from Yorkshire in England so we really like a good strong cup of tea, but I also love coffee. So I’m going to cheat a little here if that’s ok and say tea with food (this is mainly referring to fish and chips!) and coffee any other time.

Thanks so much, Naomi!

Thanks, Rebecca! Looking forward to seeing what's next (I think I can already imagine how "Donuts" might go...Sounds interesting!). I really do recommend checking out LET'S RIDE if you're in the mood for a fast, fulfilling slice of spice. And you can visit Rebecca at her website for news and Masturbation Monday. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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