Sunday, 12 June 2016

Guest Blog - Yuki and Olivia R Burton take over!

Since on Friday I got distracted by NXT Takeover (OMG I love American Alpha so hard. SO HARD), I didn't get to post this. And yesterday I went to finalise my holiday to Iceland with Mum, so I didn't post it then either. But today I have neither American Alpha or Iceland to distract me, so here we go!

Since Yuki is always keen to help around the house, I asked her to sit down with my friend and fellow cat-lover, Olivia R Burton, and ask her some questions about the re-release of her funny, smart, sugar-rich urban fantasy,  MIXED FEELINGS. Yuki did her best to stay on topic and I think she did very well for a first attempt. So, without further ado, let's see what they had to talk about!

Y: Hello, Miss Olivia! I am Miss Yuki, and I am a Beautiful Girl and also a cheeky missus sometimes. Like me, your book cover is very beautiful. Would you tell me a bit about the inside and is it also a cheeky missus?

ORB: I'd say Gwen can be pretty cheeky, even though she's usually too busy being cowardly and hungry to be cheeky. She does have some fun adventures, which I hear you have your share of as well. I'll bet if Gwen got stuck on the roof of the shed, she'd cry more than you do, though.

Y: It is true that I do cry a lot when I get stuck on the shed roof and up trees and on the roof of the house, but it's not because I'm upset. I just want everyone to know where I am at all times in case they want to bring me something.

ORB: In Mixed Feelings, Gwen's first book, she doesn't get stuck on the shed, but she does have to help some fairy monsters find some missing kids, which she needs help with just like you sometimes need help coming down off the roof! Luckily, like you have your people, she has her best friend Chloe there to hold her hand and make sure she gets through the ordeal safely.

Y: Yes, it is good to have helpful people. My people are very patient with me when I forget how to get off the shed. I understand that there is a werewolf in your book, which is like a big dog. I myself do not like dogs, so can you explain why you put one in there?

ORB: I bet you wouldn't mind this werewolf. Mel doesn't turn into a wolf too often, and spends most of his time just trying to get his hands on kitties. Generally they're a different type of kitty than you are, but I'm sure he'd be more than happy to scratch behind your ears if you asked. He's always happy to please a lady.

Y: And I am always happy to be pleased! You have a lot of cats. Which one is in charge?

ORB: It used to be Snapshot in charge, but that's been a source of contention in the house since my roommate moved in. He has a lady cat named Lucca who likes to think of herself as being the boss, as well. They steer clear of each other, both pretending they are the boss, and have decided it's not worth having words over anymore.

Y: As an only cat, I am in charge by default but I would be in charge anyway because I am the most precious and beautiful cat ever, the man says. The lady in your book, Gwen, can tell people's feelings with her mind, which I think would be good for cats, because sometimes I have to meow twice to make people do things for me, and if they just knew what I wanted with magic, that would save time. Do you think Gwen's magic would be good in real life?

ORB: Hmmm. That's a good question, Yuki. I'd say that, if all people could actually feel the emotions of people and animals around, the world would have to be a much different place. It could make us all more compassionate, helping us to see that people we say mean things to have feelings too, and aren't just standing in front of us willing to take verbal abuse. On the other hand, it could also have become such a common occurrence throughout history that people would go the opposite way and be jaded about feeling the sadness of those around them. Maybe we would be so used to feeling those around us being sad or angry or happy that we wouldn't really notice anymore.

Y: My people moved the snake tanks so I can't sit and watch them and tap on the glass any more and that made me sad, but nobody is helping me.

ORB: I bet the snakes miss seeing your cute little face!

Naomi's note: She's not sad at all, don't worry.

Y: You have another book about Gwen and cake out, too. What else happens in that besides cake, and are there going to be more after that one?

ORB: If it were up to Gwen, nothing would happen other than cake. A glutton sitting around eating cupcakes and candy wouldn't make for good reading, though, so Gwen's going to have many more interesting adventures. In Business With Pleasure, Gwen's second book, she's got to help find a murderer, help stop a stalker, and make nice with her ex-husband. She does get to eat ice cream toward the end, though! In the next book there will be more cupcakes, more werewolves (sorry, Yuki!), and a proposal.

Y: Gwen is very adventurous! Where can people keep track of your cake books?

ORB: They can go to my website,, or they can follow me on Twitter. I also have a page on Facebook that can easily be liked, and an Instagram where I often post pictures of all my cats.

Y: Thank you, Miss Olivia, for sharing all your book and cat and cake news with us! Now I am off to steal socks from the neighbours, because I worry that my people maybe don't have enough. Good day!

Naomi's note: I don't know if she did steal these socks or not, but they definitely aren't ours and she does look really pleased with herself so...

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