Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Wednesday Snippets Are Still Not Dead

Yes, it's getting harder to think of titles. Ssshh. The important thing is, writing is happening! Here's the incontrovertible evidence:

It was still dark when Phoebe's phone woke her. The sweet, upbeat ringtone was utterly obnoxious to wake up to, jerking her from a deep, dreamless sleep without ceremony. She grabbed the phone frantically, desperate to stop the noise. Then she saw the unknown number flashing on the screen and realised it was a phone call, not her alarm going off.

Nobody called at this time of day – or night – on a whim. Rubbing her eyes with her free hand, Phoebe hit the speaker button. “Hello?”

“Morning, Spooky,” Gibbs said, sounding infuriatingly awake and cheerful. “Did I wake you?”
She checked the time on her phone. “It's four bloody am. Of course you did.”

“Sorry,” he said. “I'd let you get back to sleep, but me and Spalding thought you'd quite like to come on a little ride with us.”

“What – wait.” Her brain skipped ahead and her heart sank. “There's been another attack?”

“Maybe. Got a very agitated farmer saying there's a dead body in his barn. I can be at your hotel in fifteen minutes if you fancy coming along for the ride.”

His genial attitude was both irritating and suspicious, but Phoebe knew she had to accept. “I'll be ready.”

She hung up and scrambled out of bed. Her mind raced as she dug through her suitcase for clean, warm clothes. A farmer with a body in his barn? If this was a vampire attack, why had the creature suddenly changed it's pattern? Her heart fluttered, anxiety worming its way in. Changes in patterns were bad. They had little enough information as it was, but at least the creature had been predictable up until now...

She pulled on a worn, faded hoodie and breathed in the comforting scent of lavender, forcing herself to calm down. Conjecture and speculation was pointless right now. Besides, a change in pattern might be a good thing. It might give her more information, new insights. And until Gibbs arrived and told her the whole story, she was only guessing this was vampire-related.

Of course, if he'd woken her up and dragged her out of bed for anything else, she reserved the right to punch him.

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