Monday 13 February 2017

Dawn is Done

Well, pretty much the whole of Lich Queen is Dawn being done with various things, but now the first draft is also done. Huzzahs! I did nothing else all weekend but write, because the end was so tantalizingly close. I ended up writing just shy of 10k and I'm very grateful that took me to the end, because by about 7pm on Sunday I was verging on brain dead. Writing is hard, you guys. Physically hard, especially if you're plagued by muscularskeletal problems. I'm not in very much pain today, thankfully, but I had tremors in both hands and achy bones yesterday by the time I was done.

Anyway! It is done and that's all that matters. Next stop: revision! I tend to self-edit as I go along, so I'm fairly sure I already know what needs attention in Lich Queen, and I don't think it will take long to address those points. Then I need to think up a blurb and get it submitted. I'm planning to have it submitted by next Sunday. Wish me luck!

In the meantime, I'm toying with what to do next. The next big project will be finishing Imperial Demons. But I need a bit of downtime between Lich Queen and that, so I'm debating finishing one of my in-progress Amber Morgan stories. There are a couple of short stories on that list that should be pretty quick to wrap up and will make for nice palate cleansers before I get back to Lola and Tristesse. We'll see! Either way, tonight I'm doing nothing, just to give my arms as much of a break as I can. Tomorrow is another writing day...

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