Thursday, 2 February 2017

Five Facts About In Cold Blood

Well, lots of people seemed to enjoy my Five Things I Hate About Cube post, so why not make it a thing?

Yes! IN COLD BLOOD is finally unleashed and you can grab your copy from Evernight directly, or from Amazon US, Amazon UK, and probably wherever else good ebooks are sold. And you can read an excerpt here to get you in the mood! And, just for something a little bit fun and different, here are five things you probably don't know about IN COLD BLOOD.

1. Phoebe suffers from Siodmak's Syndrome, which means she can't shapeshift. I first mentioned Siodmak's way back in SILVER KISS as a bit of a throwaway thing, so you may know the term if you've followed the Urban Wolf series. What you probably don't know is that I named it after Robert Siodmak, director of such glorious films as Cobra Woman.


2. I started writing IN COLD BLOOD a few years back, then abandoned it, then picked it up again last year. Phoebe didn't exist in the original version, but Aisling did...and she's existed with me for nearly a decade. Long before I even dreamed up the very first Urban Wolf story, I wanted to write a story about a werewolf who chooses to live mostly as a wolf, and I wanted to call her Aisling. My original idea for her involved a post-apocalyptic world where nuclear winter ruled and werewolves had been hunted nearly to extinction. I still think it's a good idea...but I prefer Aisling where she is now. She's a perfect foil for Phoebe!

3. Phoebe suffers from anxiety. I do too, although not as badly as I did when I was younger. Writing a character with anxiety challenged me and pushed me, and nearly made me give up on the book. Turns out writing about anxiety makes me anxious, and I was terrified everyone would hate Phoebe and the book and me and ugh. I'm glad I'm pushed through, and whilst it's never been my intention to write "an issues" story, I'm glad I stuck with Phoebe the way she is. I love that she works to manage her anxiety, and it reminded me that it can be done. A good lesson to re-learn every now and then.

4. My goal with every entry in the Urban Wolf series, whatever the length, is to open the world up a little bit more. SILVER KISS gives us a good, solid starting point with werewolves. BLOOD HUNT introduces vampires. PHANTOM FEARS teases the idea of ghosts, and COLD NIGHT MOON gives us fae creatures (or one, at any rate). With IN COLD BLOOD, my idea was that, well, someone had to be noticing all these weird and wonderful creepy beasties. And someone would be keeping notes...This will tie directly into the plot of the next Urban Wolf book, which will take us back to Ayla and Shannon. The circle of life, etc.

5. And finally (just to get us up to five), IN COLD BLOOD is the first of a planned trilogy about Phoebe, Aisling, and the Luporum. I already have book 2 mostly planned out (in my head, anyway), but my aim is write that Ayla and Shannon book first. So if you enjoy IN COLD BLOOD, rest assured that there'll be more from my socially awkward werewolves in love - and the Urban Wolf series in general! - in the future :) Happy reading!

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